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Videos of policy debates, lectures, discussions and demonstrations. All are at the Debate Central video archive at http://www.uvm.edu/~debate/watch/. You will need the free Real Media Player to view SOME of these videos. If you have any troubles with videos try downloading them, the file sizes are rather small.
If there is a video here that was posted without your permission, let me know and I will be glad to take it down. We attempt to get full permission from everyone involved. You can even change your mind years later. Let me know how I can serve you, because your video content belongs to you. alfred.snider@uvm.edu

Content Area Strategy Theory Policy Debates
Constitution and Rights - Massey 2011
Beating High Reputation Teams
Existential Risk - Batterman 2011
Collection of Debates from NDT 2013
Collection from 2011-12 Year

Novice Videos Speech by Speech Policy Debate Skills Policy Debate Theory Policy Debates Other Related Videos
Alfred Snider, Justin Morgan Parmett, Jackie Massey and Andy Ellis. Lectures from the World Debate Institute Lectures from the World Debate Institute Lectures from the World Debate Institute 2003 CEDA Nats Final NYU vs. Whitman Respect for the Activity & the Community
vimeo Novice Policy Debate Training Channel vimeo Policy Debate Speech by Speech Channel How to Judge Advanced Language Critiques 2007 NDT Video Collection by Matt Moore Keynote at WDI: Jim Wade
1-Walk through of a debate 1st Affirmative Constructive

Paperless Debating 2011

Fiat Power 2011 CEDA Nats Semifinals Kansas State vs. Liberty Community & Respect
2-Stock Issues 1st Negative Constructive

Electronic Research 2011

International Fiat 2002 CEDA Nats Final Fort Hays vs. Michigan State Debate & Activism
3-Flowing 2nd Affirmative Constructive Aff Prep Intro to Irony 2004 CEDA Nats Final Emory vs. North Texas Foucault & Others
4-Evidence 2nd Negative Constructive 1st Negative Rebuttal Dynamic Speaking Irony - Good & Bad 2010 CEDA Nats Final Oklahoma vs. Whitman Keynote: Represent
5-Affirmative 1st Affirmative Rebuttal
Evidence Comparison  Narratives 2008 CEDA Nats Finals Towson vs. Kansas Keynote: Deconstructive Disengagement
6-Topicality 2nd Negative Rebuttal Aff Case Selection Poetry My Debate Story
7-Disadvantages 2nd Affirmative Rebuttal Be the Judge when you Debate

Intro to Critique

Critiques Part 1

2007 CEDA Nats Final Oklahoma vs. Dartmouth (try download)
8-Counterplans Advanced 1NC Cross Examination advanced Advanced Theory Part 1 Middle East Constructive Engagement - Binghamton vs. Army Unger & Company Part 3
9-Critique Advanced 2AC CX- Wade Part 1 Advanced Theory Part 2 Middle East Constructive Engagement - Rochester vs. Army Unger & Company Part 2
10-Cross Examination Advanced 2NC & 1NR CX - Wade Part 2 Advanced Topicality Agricultural Subsidies - WDI Finals
11-Decision Making Advanced 1AR
Make Decisions  Agent CPs Agricultural Subsidies - WDI Scholars Debate  
12-Affirmative Part 2 Advanced 2NR Evidence Comparison 1 Answering Disads Constructive Engagement - WDI Scholars Debate  
13-Negative Case Attack Advanced 2AR Evidence Comparison 2
Answering Critiques Constructive Engagement - Another WDI Scholars Debate  
14-Delivery 1AC & 1AR
Tagging Cards Contradictions    
15-Tournament 1NR is 3NC Making an Argument Disadvantage Strategy    
Why Debate?   Neg Prep Advanced Stock Issues    
Novice Demo Debate - School Uniforms   Advanced Research Disadvantage Secrets    
    Evidence Tagging Counterplan Disad Strategy    
    Think Like the Judge Answering Critiques    
    Speaking Types of PICs & Perm CPs    
    Tagging Evidence Advanced Counterplans    
    Aff Prep Counterplans    
    Dirty Tricks Advanced Critique
    Persuasion Wade Advanced Disadvantage    
    Evidence Comparison Delay Counterplan
    Flowing Ethics    
    Neg Prep Fiat Power    
    Organization Advanced Counterplan    
    Psychology of Winning Part 1 99 Advanced Fiat    
    Psychology of Winning Part 2 99 Advanced Irony    
    Psychology of Winning 00 Advanced Narratives    
    Affirmative Casing Advanced Risk Assessment    
    Neg Strategy Part 1 Advanced Theory    
    Neg Strategy Part 2 Advanced Topicality    
    Answering Topicality Advanced Fiat Power    
    Cross Examination  Negative Strategy
    Arguing Theory    
      Critique Types    
      PICs & Perms    
      Disad Turns    
      Impact Analysis More Policy Debate Theory  
      International Fiat Anti-Topicality  
      Intro to Critiques Intro to Narratives & Irony  
      Critique Permutation Rick Assessment  
      Language Critiques Counterplan Types & Tactics  
      Permutation Process Critiques  
      Plan Inclusive CP Politics Disadvantages