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Alfred Charles Snider

Born in California, he attended Brown University, Emerson College and the University of Kansas. He has been the Edwin W. Lawrence Professor of Forensics at the University of Vermont since 1982. He studies active communication situations, especially argumentation, persuasion and debate, and how they can lead to more just, peaceful and convivial futures. He teaches courses in the role of communication in influence and civic engagement along with the study of rhetoric.

He directs the Lawrence Debate Union and the World Debate Institute. He is the coach of the USA national team for the World Schools Debate Championship. He has done debate training in over forty-five countries. He manages large Internet sites, hosts hundreds of television and thousands of radio programs, and designs and implements training programs to increase critical thinking and critical advocacy in a variety of settings.

"Each of us is a part of this story. Each of us is a part of a better future. Each argument is a small particle of an edifice that might lead to lasting and important changes. My greatest hope is that my work can be a small part of this greater effort. I see debate growing and prospering around the world. The time seems right to strike some sparks wherever we can in the hope that it will create additional light. Do your best and trust yourself. As an anonymous hero of mine has said, 'Go forward in all your beliefs, and in so doing prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine.'"
-Alfred Charles Snider, SPARKING THE DEBATE, 2014

Huber House - 475 Main Street
University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont 05405 USA
802-656-0097 office - 802-238-8345 mobile

@asnider Twitter

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Speech and Debate Minor at University of Vermont

Citizen Advocacy and Debate

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