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During the World Debate Forum held in Botswana in January 2011 many African debate organizers said that they needed basic training materials, but that the poor conditions of local Internet connectivity made it difficult for them to use videos. As a solution, I volunteered to take a good number of our video training files and turn them into audio only, then organize them and make them available for download.
Thanks to the World Debate Institute and Debate Central for making this project possible.
Here are presentations from the World Schools Debate Academy, International Debate Academy, East Debate Institute, the World Debate Institute's world schools session and the Serbia Debate Academy. We have also included two WUDC format debates from the USA and two WSDC format debates from Europe. They all are available as mp3 files. Download them, load them up in any mp3 player, and enjoy.

New & WUDC Links

Subjects Skills Debates
Argumentation - Part 1: Basics- Alfred Snider Debating as an ESL Speaker - Maja Cimerman Hacktivism vs. Corporations
Argumentation - Part 2: Build Winning Arguments - Alfred Snider Agents, Models & Stakeholders - Rhydian Morgan Try War Crimninals at Home
Children, Family & the State - Anne Valkering First Teams - Anna Kerr Deny Hajj to al Qaeda Sheltering Nations
Training Drills - Alfred Snider Second Teams - Anne Valkering Voting as Use It or Lose It Right
Eurozone Inside Story - Alexander Eerdmans Refutation - Mary Nugent Sterilize Drug Addicts
  What to Do If You Know Nothing - Anna Kerr  
  Refutation - Maja Cimerman  

General Debate Subjects (All) WUDC Format (Universities) WSDC Format (Schools)
Introduction to Debating - Alfred Snider Introduction to Format - Stephen Boyle Introduction to Format - Maja Cimerman & Anja Serc
Public Speaking - Alfred Snider Motion Analysis - Stephen Boyle Case Building - Stephen Boyle
Style in Debate - Rhydian Morgan Proposition Strategy - Rhydian Morgan Opposition Strategy - Debbie Newman
Persuasion Studies and Debate - Alfred Snider Opposition Strategy - Steve Llano Preparation for Debates - Rhydian Morgan
Points of Information - Rhydian Morgan Second Teams - Anne Valkering Research for Debates - Alfred Snider
Finding Your Principle - Stephen Boyle Whip Speeches - Anne Valkering Third Speeches - Debbie Newman
Fallacies in Argument - Alfred Snider Your Fifteen Minutes Prep Time - Alfred Snider Reply Speeches - Maja Cimerman
Language as Art in Debate - Gavin Ilsley Winning from First Prop - Debbie Newman Notes in WSDC Debate - Alfred Snider
Debate Exercises and Drills - Alfred Snider What To Do If You Know Nothing About the Motion - Anne Valkering Judging WSDC Debate - Stephen Boyle
Recruiting and Retaining Debaters - Alfred Snider What Adjudicators Want - TJ Senamngern Debate - Income Gap
Teaching Argument - Alfred Snider Judging WUDC Debates - Gavin Ilsley Debate - Strikes in Essential Sectors (with critique)
Debating About Banning & Legalizing - Debbie Newman Strategic Tricks - Stephen Boyle  
Debating International Relations - Maja Cimerman Debate - Civil Disobedience  
Invading Kumar/IR for Debaters - Gavin Ilsley Debate - Reparations for Slavery  
Debating Economics - Stephen Boyle    
Debating International Human Rights - Anna England Kerr

For videos about debating, go to http://debatevideoblog.blogspot.com/

For news about debating, go to http://globaldebateblog.blogspot.com/