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Materials gathered for the education and instruction of debaters everywhere in all formats. To submit materials, please email Alfred Snider, editor

General WUDC, BP, Australs, UADC Policy NFL CX, CEDA, NDT Lincoln Douglas, LD Middle School MSPD WSDC Other Materials, Coaching Guides

Guide to Various Debate Formats, Alfred Snider

British Parliamentary Debate Handbook, Colm Flynn

British Parliamentary Debating, G. Rhydian Morgan

Code of the Debater: Introduction to Policy Debating, Alfred Snider, textbook LD Basics, Cook - .doc - PowerPoint Middle School Public Debate Format Debating (WSDC), Simon Quinn Individual Events Development Conference, 2010 - 29 articles
Debate and Critical Analysis, Robert Branham, textbook

Neill Harvey-Smith, Practical Debating, 2011

Steve Johnson, Winning Debates, 2009

Policy Debate Lesson Plans - World Debate Institute 2004 Introduction to LD Debate, National Forensic League Middle School Public Debate Judge Rubric WSDC Rules Virtual Debating Using New Media, Alfred Snider
Debating the Evidence, English Speaking Union, empirical support for debating - Summary - Full Report

Chennai WUDC 2014
Debater Briefing
Adjudicator Briefing

Novice to Varsity Transition, Cameron Norris - .doc Philosopies in LD Debate, Wallace - PowerPoint Middle School Public Debate Skills Guide WSDC - Defining & Cases CUSID Central Debating Guide
Complete Guide to the Art of Debate (in Arabic) Berlin WUDC Briefings
One: Debaters - Two: Adjudicators - Three: Novices
Sixteen Week Policy Debate Curiculum, Alfred Snider Introduction to LD Debate, Halvorson & Koshy   Snider, Embracing Global Debating, 2013

IDAS Guides to Debating Disabilities, Discrimination, Equal Opportunity, Ethnic Rights, Gender, Gay Rights by Anja Serc

What is Debate? PowerPoint

DLSU WUDC 2012 Judge & Debater Briefing Document

Policy Debate Judging, National Forensic League LD Curriculum, Vaughan & Cady Wycoff Public Forum Debate   Coaching Guide, National Forensic League
Teachers' Guide to Presidential Debates Hart House Invitational 2012 Guide for BP Debating Introduction to the Kritik, Miller Build a Novice LD Program, National Forensic League Introduction to Public Forum Debate, National Forensic League   Building a Successful Team, Moe
Hosting a Tournament, Alfred Snider Decision by Concensus: How to Chair a WUDC Debate, Alfred Snider   Types of Values, National Forensic League Public Forum Debate Judging Guide, National Forensic League   Recruiting, Volpe
Debate: Important for Everyone, Alfred Snider Judge Briefing, Amsterdam EUDC   Philosophers in Review, National Forensic League     Glossary of Legal Terms
Debate: Key to Better Academic Achievement, Alfred Snider Tracking Arguments, Art Ward - PowerPoint          
Introduction to Debate Judging, National Forensic League Monash Debate Review 2013          
  Monash Debate Review 2012          
  Monash Debate Review 2011          
  Monash Debate Review 2010          
  Monash Debate Review 2009          
  Monash Debate Review 2007          
  Monash Debate Review 2006          
  Monash Debate Review 2005          
  Full Guide to Australs Debating, Ray D'Cruz