Pan African Universities Debating Championships 2012 Motions


Finals: THBT democratic African governments should openly endorse particular political parties or presidential candidates in neighbouring state national elections

Semis: THBT white Africans should wear a t-shirt branded “I benefitted from Apartheid” in public

Quarters: THW use targeted assassinations as a tool of foreign policy

Octos: THS gender quotas in parliament

Round 8: THBT Kivu with Goma as its capital should declare independence from Congo

Round 7: THBT African states with gay-friendly legislation should open their borders to any African citizen who is facing criminal prosecution for their sexual orientation

Round 6: THW roll out cheap user-friendly HIV/AIDS testing kits that are 99% accurate

Training Round: THW give early release to prisoners who complete education qualifications while in prison

Round 5: THBT African governments should incentivise the long-term immigration of skilled foreigners

Round 4: TH Regrets the rise of charismatic religious leaders of mega-churches in Africa

Round 3: THB the state should protect languages in decline

Round 2: THBT the British Government should pay reparations to white farmers that lost their land in Zimbabwe

Round 1: THW deploy the military to combat poaching

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