World Debate Institute


The World Debate Institute [WDI] has been training people in the arts and skills of debating since 1982. It has trained many thousands of people from more than fifty countries at locations in thirty-eight countries.

One of the purposes of the World Debate Institute is to support a global network of debate activities, especially trainers who know what they are doing, have an established reputation and record, and are willing to go where there is not yet an active debating community and help establish or nurture one.

The other purpose is to provide technical expertise and assistance to any new or developing debate program in the world. Use our 28 years of experience! Contact us at .

Our trainers are skilled and dedicated. They are authorized to carry out the training of students, teachers, trainers and organizers and grant them certificates bearing the authority and the imprint of the World Debate Institute, a globally recognized brand. They are devoted to this work not to earn money or fame, but to forward the belief that a global community that has vibrant debating and is populated (and eventually administered by) those with a debating background will be more peaceful, more just and more conducive to the achievement of the human potential.

The World Debate Institute is a non-profit academic program of the University of Vermont.

World Debate Institute