The Mark of the Doctor Pt 2
May 12, 1999
Plot by David A. Sharpe

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20 Years before "Reunion on Fenris"...

     Anton Gerrit, President of the Chartered Loki Company, sat in his spartan office, reading a report.  The report detailed the interrogation of a spy caught in the Charybdium mine.  Gerrit finished reading the report and laid it on his desk.  He steepled his fingers under his chin and thought for a few minutes.
     Suddenly he reached out and stabbed a button on his desk.   The vidcom screen lit up with the visage of his security chief.  Gerrit spoke quickly yet calmly, not giving the other person a moment to interrupt.  "Take Mr. Montanard back to mine and arrange an 'accident' for him.  Don't let this happen again, or you'll be next."  He then cut off the channel. 
     Stabbing another button, he next spoke to Baker, Vice President of the Company.  "We have a problem.  A spy found out the truth about the mine.  He said he didn't get a message out, but we can't go on that assumption.   Start
plans for Stage C immediately."
     "At once", Baker affirmed.  Then the vidcom screen went blank.

    "Time to make some travel arrangements," Gerrit spoke to himself as he reached into desk and took out some travel brouchers.   "Where shall I go first?"

Encyclopedia Galactica, 31st Century Edition...

LOKI - 3rd planet in the Freya star system, located in the Lyonian Hegemony.  Class IV inhabitated planet.  Pastoral setting.  One spaceport in Loki City. Charybdium mine.

CLASS IV INHABITED PLANET - A Class IV inhabited planet is a Terra type planet with a native sapient race.

CHARYBDIUM - Radioactive element used to power Abbot drives.


The Doctor - (DRTUNA) - A wandering Timelord in his 10th Persona

Irish - (Irish TCat) - a green cat, the son of Trouble and protege of the TARDIS, he can morph and communicate both telepathically and by speech.

Father Benjamin Sinclair - (David/AlxKeegan2) - a handsome man in his mid-30s, brown hair, green-hazel eyes, carefully trimmed bear; a Renaissance man - priest of the Universal Church of Christ the Shepherd, member of the Ecumenical Council for the Salvation of the Races, scientist specializing in Exobiology and Lyonian Hegemony Executive Special Agent.

Mr. Baker - (JenK) Vice President of the Chartered Loki Company

Raviero - nominal representative of the native sentients on Loki.  The Lokians are a humanoid race, graceful and strong, peaceful with an unquestioning loyalty to the clan heads.

Mining Supervisor Cariello - an unscrupuluous mining engineer in charge of the Charybdium mine on Loki.

Timinestra - one of the clan heads of the Lokian people

Lovaria - native of Loki, a mine worker and acquantace of Yves Montanard Mining Supervisor Cariello - an unscrupuluous mining engineer in charge of the Charybdium mine on Loki.


The Doctor receives a message from one of his old friend/agents from his 6th persona.  He goes to the planet Loki in the Lyonian Hegemony to investigate, making the acquaintance of a Father Benjamin Sinclair on the shuttle ride down to the planet.


At the Charybdium Mine (the Doctor, Supervisor Cariello)

     The Doctor arrives by hovercar at the Charybium mine.  He is met by the Mining Supervisor, Rachel Cariello by name.   She tells him they will tour the support facilities aboveground, then end with a visit to the depths of the
mine itself.

Meeting with the Clan Heads (Father Benjamin, Timinestra)

     Father Benjamin's first meeting with the clan heads ends positively, with a preliminary agreement on the mission being established on Loki.  As the meeting ends, Timinestra, one of the clan heads asks to meet with Father
Benjamin privately.

Results of the Background Check (Baker, security agent)

     VP Baker is in his office, making plans on his getaway once the mine is shut down.  He laments the fact that he had to stay behind while the President of the Company, Anton Gerit, left a month earlier.   He is interrupted by one of his security personnel with the background report on the Doctor.  He reads it, his face becoming ashen.  The Doctor is really a Lyonian Hegemony Executive Special Agent!  He hurriedly places a call to the mine.


  The Doctor receives a message (the Doctor, Lovaria, Supervisor Cariello)

     The Doctor's tour of the mine has reached the infirmary when Cariello receives word of an important vidcom call needing her attention.  She leaves the Doctor to look over the infirmary while she takes the call.
     The Doctor looks around admiring the equipment.  He is interrupted by a Lokian native who has been receiving treatment.  The native asks if the visitor is called the Doctor?  Surpised, the Doctor confers with the native, named Lovaria.  It turns out Lovaria became acquainted with Montanard when he was on Loki.  He left a disk to give to the Doctor. 
     The Doctor makes a quick decision.  He asks Lovaria to go to the spaceport and take the disk to his companion in the TARDIS, then wait there in safety until the Doctor contacts them.  Lovaria agrees.

An Accident must be arranged (VP Baker, Cariello)

     Cariello returns to her office and takes the call from Baker.  He tells her they have a bad problem.  Mr. Smith is really a Lyonian Hegemony Executive Special Agent.  The Hegemony is onto them!   Cariello will have to make sure that a suitable accident is arranged that will allay suspicion till they can shut down the mine.  Cariello knows just the thing and will take care of it immediately.  Baker tells her to have anyone Mr. Smith meets followed and eliminated at the first available opportunity.  They must take no chances.

Something Awful is happening (Father Benjamin, Timinestra)

     Father Benjamin and Timinestra meet in a secluded alcove.  The clan head informs him of the goings on at the mine.   Workers from all the clans have been sent and are being worked to death!  They don't know what to do to stop
it.  Father Benjamin tells Timinestra he will make an immediate report to his superiors and see if some intervention can be made.  He asks if Timinestra can arrange to sneak him into the mine so he can get evidence to send to his superiors.   Timinestra agrees to see what she can do.  Father Benjamin and Timinestra go their separate ways.   


Father Benjamin makes a call (Father Benjamin)

     Father Benjamin enters his quarters.  After making sure it is securely locked and no one is listening, he makes a call using a special communication device. 

The Accident (the Doctor, Cariello, native mine workers)

     The Doctor and Cariello go to the lifts that take the workers into the mine.  The Doctor boards the lift along with some native mine workers.  Cariello is about to enter the lift when her beeper goes off.  She has another vidcom call to take.  She tells the Doctor to go on down and look around for a bit and she'll be down shortly.
     The lift begins descending into the depths of the mine.   Suddenly it begins accelerating, moving faster and faster.  The mine workers begin crying out frantically.  The lift is falling free and is going to crash into the bottom of the shaft!

Followed! (Lovaria)

     Lovaria reaches the spaceport warehouse.  She makes her way thru the rows of items in storage.  She sees the TARDIS and makes her way towards it.  Suddenly she hears footsteps following her.   She reaches the TARDIS and
begins pounding frantically on its door as the footsteps draw closer...

Next Week's Sim

     The Doctor and Father Benjamin join forces to save the mine workers from being slaughtered, as help speeds towards Loki.   But will it arrive in time? Join us online Wednesday night to find out. To join the sim fill out our sign up form or e-mail group coordinator David.