The Voice of Edwin is the weekly newsletter of the Edwin Lawrence Debate Union at the University of Vermont, an endowed co-curricular program which trains students in debating and sponsors national competition and community events. Alfred C. Snider is the Director. 802-656-0097 voice, 802-238-8345 mobile, 656-4275 fax, asnider@zoo.uvm.edu email, and http://debate.uvm.edu/ldu.html web site.
The LDU meets every Monday night at 6 PM at 475 Main Street.


Adam Zerenner & Mariellen Jewers | Craig Weidhorn & Ted Malley
Both teams finished tied for fifth in novice division

Casey Gervais #7 novice speaker | Peter Winfield #9 varsity speaker

Craig Weidhorn #6 Novice Speaker | Scott Geller '99 & Kenan Osmanovic '99

The LDU finished a fabulously successful semester with a not so fabulous showing at two tournaments, but the squad finished with a very large and very successful group at the end of the semester. The overall standings were impressive, as the squad chalked up a 201-176 win-loss record. This set an all-time LDU record for most wins and most debates in one semester. With such a large and talented squad prospects for next semester look excellent.

In NYC at the Columbia University tournament the LDFU JV debaters gpot a shock when the varsity and JV divisions were merged into one and they ended up debating against varsity teams. But with a stuff upper lip in they went. Official novices Anthony Pagan and Allana Alexander were 3-3 in the varsity division, Peter Winfield and Mark Douglas (Middlebury) arte also novices but finisghed 2-4, and due to illness to Daniel Serfer Aaron Fishbone went 2-4 in varsity debating by himself. Greta Lockwood and Jaime Robertson (both JV) also went 2-4 in varsity. Peter Winfield was recognized as the #9 speaker in the varsity division. Other recognized speakers included: Aaron Fishbone 12th, Anthony Pagan 15th, Allana Alexander 17th, Mark Douglas 19th, and Jaime Robertson 20th.
In the novice division only the top eight teamns reached the emilination rounds, which inlcluded Adsam Zerenner & Mariellen Jewers (Trinity) as well as Ted Malley & Craig Weidhorn. Other UVM teams just missed, as Lisbeth Robinson & Rob Bernstein were 9th, Casey Gervais and Meredith Parmett were 10th, and Dawn Johnson and Jennifer Knops were 12th. Craig Weidhorjn was the 6th speaker and Casey Gervais was 7th. Other recognized novice speakers included: Mariellen Jewers 11th, Adam Zerenner 12th, Lisbeth Robinson 14th, and Ted Malley 15th.
No Vermont team finished less than 2-4.

In North Carolina Sarah Snider & Helen Morgan attended the Wake Fortest debate tournament along with 130 other varsity teams. Day #1 featured two big wins, a disputed loss to Texas, and a justified loss in round four. After winning two out of the first three on the second day they lost round 8 after being pulled up in the pairings to meet a down 2 team, to just miss the elimination rounds. Once again, oh so close. Coaches and debaters alike committed themselves to hard work in the pursuit of better luck for Sarah and Helen next semester. Of course, they did win a tournament this semester, Helen won a tournament debating with Peter Winfield, and they have a solid winning record.

PROUD OF OUR GRADUATES... Scott Geller '99 and Kenan Osmanovic '99 both served as volunteer judges at Columbia. Scot is now working with the United Nations Development Programme, Sustainable Energy & Environment, Forests Programme. Kenan is working with the International Rescue Committee in the New York Regional Resettlement Department, helping refugees settle in America. We look to them as role models and thank them for saving us loads of money by serving as judges.


Lisbeth Robinson & Alfred Snider
Gold Key National Honor Society

Last week the UVM chapter of the Gold Key International Honor Society honored figures active in the debate team. Lisbeth Robinson was honored as Vice President of the UVM Chapter of Gold Key. Coach Alfred "Tuna" Snider was an honorary inductee for his work to spread critical advocacy in the world, from Serbian villages to NYC inner city schools to the depths of cyberspace. Snider was asked to give the keynote adress at a meeting of over 250 and spoke on the topic, "Four Myths for Modern Intellectuals Revealed."


TOURNAMENT DATES: Leave Burlington 1/2/2000, Arrive KC 1/3/2000, UMKC Tournament 1/4-6/2000, Wm Jewell Tournament 1/7-9/2000, Return to Burlington 1/11/2000.
Varsity & JV divisions. 9-3-6 10 prep Judge Preference.
You should attend as much of the preparation period as you can. December, 18-19-20-21-22-23 Session 1, 27-28-29-30 Session 2.
SIGNING UP: Snider, Morgan, Lockwood, Winfield, Pagan, Gervais, Miller, Fishbone, Winfield, Serfer.


More tapings after Thanksgiving! Topics planned: Nuclear disarmament, Mars exploration, Cuban revolution, National honorary societies.

1999-2000 SeasonWINSLOSSES%
Columbia & Wake Forest3541 
New Total201176 53.3%

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