Shot from hotel room in Calexico, California

Intense greenery on the road from San Felipe to Puertecitos due to Fall rains

Beach in front of the house at dawn

Fishing boat in harbor at dawn

Birdgang on the beach

Night time party nook

Afternoon guacamole on the porch

Hot pool #1 just after high tide

Inside the house

Music system for daytime - Sony boom box with batteries that last almost forever with music coming from an Apple iPod with 7 hour battery life

View of the porch looking back towards the house

My dream spot for reading and contemplation

Sunset as seen from the porch

On the way home, San Felipe in the morning

Huevos rancheros breakfast at Rice & Beans Cafe in San Felipe

Rocky terrain between Calexico and San Diego

View from my hotel room window, San Diego, Christmas eve, 2003