Verbattle Skirmish Statements Compilation


Children are as good as adults.
TV is better than text books.
Children need facebook more than adults.
Bangalore is the best city in the whole world.
We should not have the police department.
Sometimes a child needs to be punished.
Children are silly.
Grandmother is better than grandfather.
We should ban cars in our cities.

Uniforms have lost their purpose in schools.
We should be allowed to call our parents mother and father according to their roles and not according to their gender.
We should have the right to choose our teachers.
Children should start school only after 12 years of age.
Salt is better than sugar.
Bangalore is better than most Indian cities.
Bollywood movies are better than Hollywood movies.
It is more important to be right than be good.
Speaking is better than writing.

Material experience is better than spiritual experience.
The middle class is the reason for all the mess in India.
Sonia Gandhi is the best lady politician in India.
It's better to be a clerk in India than being an engineer in the US.
Privatization will end corruption in India. (Statement by Leo Peter C of MVJ College of Engineering)
Discrimination makes the weak stronger. (Statement by Roydon Noronha of Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management )
Pink is a girly colour.(Statement by Rakshith Shetty of Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management)
It is the younger generation that should learn from the older generation. (Statement by Leann D'almeida of St.Agnes PU College)
Right to fail should be made a fundamental right.
Parents are the ones who spoil children in our society.
It is easy to love than hate.
No book should be more than a hundred pages.
Discussion is better than debate.
Sometimes it is okay to be coward.
Men bring up children better than women.
Religion makes us small minded.
Girls are better debaters.
One smart person is better than hundred idiots.
Kalidasa is better than Shakespeare.
TV ads are more harmful than TV shows.
A student is what his teacher is.
Science should be optional in school.
India can improve if States are abolished.
A painter is better than a poet.
Nose is the part that makes all the difference to the face.
One can serve the society better by becoming an Engineer than a Doctor.
Do whatever but a debate event cannot be more popular than a rock concert.

A boy and a girl can never be just friends.
Discovering the God particle is a waste of money.
Karnataka is the most tolerant state in India.
It is easier to love than to hate.
Economists are the ones who spoil the economy.
India is the dustbin of the world.
Indian women are the most beautiful.
It is more important to have wit than courage.
IT companies have spoilt our youth.
Between football and cricket, football is a man's game.
The present day doctors are inhuman.
Children should become independent of parents at 16.

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