Portland State Nats Warm Up 2012

Thank you all for coming to PSU's nats warm up. Congrats to Humboldt, Northwest and the Seattle/PSU hybrid for a great final round. Here is a list of the motions:

R1: THB that the Supreme Court should allow television cameras into the courtroom
R2: THB that Europeans should not intervene in African conflicts
R3: THW allow the regulated sale of drugs at outdoor music venues
R4: THB that the world can learn to live with a nuclear armed Iran
R5: THW hold sports franchises financially responsible for the damages done by their fans

Sems: THB that colleges and universities should be held financially responsible for students that default on their education loans

Finals: THW prefer Chinese hegemony to American hegemony.

April Fools Motions: 

THB that the Pope should convert to Islam
THW mandate that every American citizen should purchase broccoli

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