Colgate IV 2012


ROUND ONE: THW, as the USA, ban negative political advertisements.

ROUND TWO: THW allocate public housing in order to create racially diverse housing projects.

ROUND THREE: THW, if it could be proven to have a substantial deterrent effect, use the death penalty to punish serious crimes.

ROUND FOUR: THW ban all depictions of the prophet Mohammed.

ROUND FIVE: THW establish state funded schools which exclusively admit LGBTQ students who choose to attend.

QUARTERFINALS: THW, even if it had no effect on the total amount of tax revenue raised, substantially increse txes on the wealthy.

SEMI: THW determine the extent of abortion rights by holding popular referenda in which women and only women and entitled to participate.

FINALS: THBT countries that are approaching economic disaster should suspend democratic elections and appoint a government of experts.

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