Royal Malaysians 2012 Motions

ROYALS 2012:
Round 1: SOCIETY
1. THBT we should not give money to beggars
2. THBT the State should impose a strict curfew on minors
3. THW impose traffic fines based on a percentage of the offender’s income

1. THBT First World Countries Must Accept Environmental Refugees
2. THW recognize animal land rights in development project
3. THBT climate conferences are a waste of time

1. THBT it is time to stop space exploration
2. THW forbid the pursuit of self-learning artificial intelligence
3. THBT intellectual property laws are obsolete in the digital age

1. THW rather support 12 Ramli Burgers stands than one Burger King
2. THW disallow workers in essential sectors from striking
3. THW nationalise all banks

Break Rounds:

Junior Quarterfinals: the MIDDLE EAST
1. THBT the international community should leave Syria alone
2. THW demand the immediate transfer of power from Egypt’s ruling military
council to a civilian authority
3. THW Enforce a nuclear free Middle East

Senior Quarterfinals: IRAN
1. THBT Obama has been “too soft” on Iran
2. THS the European Union’s embargo on Iranian oil
3. THBT the international community should leave Iran alone

Junior Semifinals: “Point and laugh. Or maybe not.” GENDER & SEXUALITY
1. THW no longer recognize being called a homosexual as a valid ground to
sue for defamation
2. THW recognise a 3rd gender
3. THBT in conservative societies, special schools should be set up for
LGBT students

Senior Semifinals: EVERYDAY POLITICS

1. THS the Obama administration’s move that requires insurance companies to
absorb the costs of contraceptive healthcare
2. THBT the Justice and Development Party, not the army, are the biggest
threat to Turkish democracy
3. THW not allow corporations to make political contributions

Junior Grand Finals: Malaysia
1. TH would limit terms of all Members of Parliament to only two terms in

Senior Grand finals: Malaysia
1. THBT serving civil servants and politicians-in-office should not be
awarded honorific titles
2. THW replace moral classes with religious classes for non-Muslims in
public schools
3. THW grant the right to vote only to residing Malaysians

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