MAD Mini 2012 Motions

Round 1: Social Round


  • That custody hearings should not take into account the biological origin of the child.
  • That we should make pre-nuptial agreements a pre-requisite for all marriages.
  • That we should use early childhood education to actively undermine traditional gender roles.

Round 2: Criminal Justice Round


  • That we should lower the standard of proof in sexual assault trials to be “on the balance of probability” (rather than “beyond reasonable doubt”).
  • That we should repeal the statute of limitations.
  • That we should make complete and total rehabilitation the only determinant of prisoner release dates.

Round 3: Rights Round


  • That the West should adopt a one-child policy.
  • That human rights should be considered culturally relative.
  • That we should allow all citizens, including the entirely healthy, to access assisted suicide.

Round 4: Military/Security Round


  • That countries should be able to prosecute foreign soldiers who commit crimes whilst serving in their jurisdiction.
  • We should allow soldiers to sue the government for negligence.
  • The ICC should consider the targeting of religious sites during conflict a crime against humanity.

Round 5: Gay Round


  • That Glee is good for the gay rights movement.
  • That we would not allow those wrongly accused of being gay to sue for defamation.
  • That we should allow the creation of GLBTIQ only schools.

Quarter Finals: Democracy Round


  • That true democracy would allow its citizens to vote for authoritarianism.
  • That we should abolish term limits in established western democracies.
  • Assuming intelligence could be perfectly measured: that we should make the power of your vote proportionate to your intelligence.

Semi Finals: Health Round


  • That doctors should be allowed to lie in order to create or augment a placebo-effect for their patients when no cure for their illness is available.
  • That we should force treatment upon the mentally ill.
  • That we should allow religious organisations to pay women who are considering abortion to carry their child to term.

Grand Final: Development Round


  • That dictators should NEVER be able to access development loans.
  • That the United Nations should tax the profits of all natural resource sales worldwide.
  • That post-war reconstruction contracts should be restricted to companies from countries which actively supported the war effort.


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