5th NUJS Parliamentary Debate 2012, Kolkata

Motions used in 5th NUJS Parliamentary Debate (January 20-22, 2012)

Held at West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (WBNUJS), Kolkata

Judge test for internal pool (January 19, 2012)

  • THBT it was a bad idea to invite Salman Rushdie to the Jaipur Literature Festival

Judge test for external pool (January 20, 2012)

  • THW hold social networking websites liable for offensive content posted by their users

Round 1 – The dismal science (20/1/2012)

  • TH is against private sector participation in the management of pension funds
  • THBT devaluation of national currencies is a justifiable tool to boost export earnings
  • THBT central monetary institutions should be insulated from executive control  

Round 2 – The faith factor (20/1/2012)

  • THW no longer impose the requirement of celibacy for Catholic Priests
  • THBT the state should offer financial assistance to interfaith couples
  • THBT there is nothing wrong with conversion through inducement

Round 3 – Sport (20/1/2012)

  • THBT violent sports involving animals should be prohibited
  • THBT players on national teams should not be contractually prevented from participating in profit-driven professional leagues
  • THW establish a special tax on high-earning sportspersons to fund the development of sports

Round 4 – Beyond Boundaries (Foreign Affairs) [21/1/2012} 

  • THBT the targeted killings of Iranian nuclear scientists is justified
  • THBT national governments should not hire foreign lobbying firms to represent their interests
  • THBT there is an obligation to repatriate deposed tyrants back to their home countries

Round 5 – Gender and Sexuality (21/1/2012) 

  • THW endorse the Slutwalk campaign
  • TH supports the idea of paternity leave
  • THBT women in developing countries should embrace reproductive tourism

Round 6 –Why this Kolaveri Di? (The ‘frustration’ round) [21/1/2012] 

  • THBT school libraries should not stock the Harry Potter series of books
  • THW tolerate nudism in beaches and public pools in India
  • THW allow all communities to freely use the n-word

Octa-finals and Novice quarters – Love thy neighbours, debate their motions (22/1/2012)

  • THW not arrest fishermen who cross national maritime boundaries
  • THW prosecute the perpetrators of the 1971 conflict in Bangladesh
  • THBT armies should not be allowed to operate commercial ventures


Quarter-finals and Novice semis – People Power (22/1/2012)

  • THBT constitutions should not be amended without direct citizen participation
  • THBT corporations should not be allowed to make political contributions
  • THBT democracies should give full voting rights to their diaspora

Semi-Finals and Novice final – Blackboard Jungle (22/1/2012)

  • THW not include class participation as a component of evaluation for taught courses in colleges 
  • THBT student feedback should be given weightage in decisions about promotions of faculty members  
  • THBT professional bodies should not be involved in the regulation of higher education in their respective fields

Final (22/12012)

  • THBT the Prime Minister of India should be an elected member of the Lok Sabha

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