University College Utrecht (UCU) Open 2011

The University College Utrecht (UCU) Open, one of the most exciting tournaments on the Continent, continued to grow as it reached 52 teams this year. The winners of the tournament were Ali al-Khatib and Rogier Baart of the Leiden Debating Union, who were also joint first speakers along with Sheraz Qureshi from the School of Oriental and African Studies.

The CA of the tournament was Anne Valkering (Amsterdam), joined by DCAs Michael Shapira (Haifa, WUDC ESL champion), Leyla Orak (Galatasaray, EUDC ESL finalist), Joe Roussos (Wits/Cambridge, DCA for WUDC 2012) and Micha Beekman (UCU, Cambridge IV ESL winner).


R1 THBT the USA should stop its military support of Taiwan
R2 THBT the state has a duty to provide free, unlimited and uncensored access to the Internet at every home
R3 THW legalise all forms of hatespeech
R4 THW ststill pronounce a verdict for civil cases which have been settled out of court
R5 THBT each country has a duty to limit population growth
Semi You are the commander of an Israeli submarine in the Persian Gulf. It is the day after Israel was annihilated in a surprise Iranian nuclear attack. THW not use Israel's second strike capabilities
Final THW halt all state-sponsored efforts to integrate immigrants into society

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