Guindon Cup Motions 2011

1 - All else being equal, THW prefer a school with a uniform to a
school without a uniform.
2 - TH would compel patent holders to make efforts to bring their
patents to market in order to retain those patents.
3 - THW scale fines to assets
4 - THBT post-communist governments should destroy the files kept on
their citizens by communist-era secret police.
5 - THBT a post-You-Know-Who
(Voldemort) Hogwarts should abandon the House system
Semifinal motion: TH opposes extinguishing protesters who self-immolate.
Novice final motion: THBT the state should actively support the
decision of parents to home-school their children.
Final motion: THW prefer a media that does not speculate on celebrity
mental health issues.

Alex Amar
Chief Adjudicator, 2010 and 2011 Father Roger Guindon Cup, University of Ottawa

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