Axiom 2011, Delhi University, India MOTIONS

Octos :

1. THW prohibit expression that portrays convicted criminals in a
positive light.
2. THBT National sporting teams should reflect the diversity of the
national population.
3. THW not allow Whites to Contest Elections in Africa.

Quarters :

1. THW allow only law enforcement agencies and not private
individuals to own and bear arms.
2.THBT it is legitimate for the State to destroy historical evidence to
curb/avoid social unrest.
3. THBT all products should carry carbon foot-print data on their

Semis :

1. THW grant more votes to the North Eastern States in India (North
Eastern States is the 7 Sisters + Sikkim)
2. THW allow corporations to pay higher salaries to employees who
agree to not have children during the term of employment.
3. THW grant Palestine and other stateless nations representation in
the UN (Representation means the status of a full member, and not an
observer nation)

Finals :

1. THBT Saudi Arabia should prohibit Afghans, Pakistanis and all
citizens of countries with Al Qaeda bases to go to Mecca to perform
their Hajj and/or Umrah as part of the war on terror (Debated)
2. THBT fear should not be used as a means of propagating religion to
3. This House feels that the Catholic Church should waive celibacy
requirements for its priests.

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