Philippine National Debate Championship Motions 2011

  Round 1      

THBT it is legitimate for governments to require their people
to be vaccinated against common diseases.

  Round 2       THW prohibit universities from preferentially admitting
the sons and daughters of their alumni.
  Round 3       THBT the US government should not have the power
to execute its citizens, who are alleged terrorists,
without due process.
  Round 4       THW abolish the double jeopardy rule for the
previously acquitted.
  Round 5       THW abandon Zion.                          
  Round 6       THBT financial institutions should not divulge
information that may risk market stability in times
of economic crisis.
  Round 7       THBT social institutions should recognize and support
the nature of children as sexual beings.
  Round 8       THR the implementation of development models that
place conditions on transfers of financial assistance to the poor.
  Octofinals       THS national and international bodies that govern
the evolution of language.
  Quarterfinals     THW withdraw from Wall Street.                        
  Semifinals       THR the sequestration of refugees in camps.                    
  Grand Finals     THBT in the interest of economic and geopolitic
stability, the ASEAN should cede Spratlys to China.
  Masters Cup (Semis) THW decriminalize murder in defense of animals                    
  Masters Cup (Finals) THW extend legal protection to the ugly.                      
  Union Cup       THW remove all state benefits to the married                    

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