ITS Open Tournament 2011 Motions

Prepared Motions

THBT the “Tunisia Effect” is leading the Mid-East countries towards democracy refinement.
THBT the ouster of Hosni Mubarak can lead to stability.
THBT the opposition is ready to take over.

THBT employing Gayus is the solution to Indonesia’s corruption cases.
THW increase the salary of Indonesian Army.
THBT imposition of democracy in Yogyakarta is not democratic.

THBT the use of Artificial Intelligence is the best way to combat terrorism.
TH rejects the implementation of RFID.
THBT World Wildlife Fund (.wwf) files are making environmentally friendly workplace system a possible future.

THBT College is dysfunctional.
THBT School should immediately expel mentally-ill students.
THW give parents of home-schooled children a tax break.

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