3rd Malaysia Open 2011 Motions


Demo Debate:

  • THW prioritize military veterans for jobs.

Round 1: Malaysia Boleh!

  • THBT religious conversion should not be a pre-requisite for marriage.
  • THW allow political parties to announce alliances only before elections.
  • THW abolish unnatural sex laws (oral/anal sex).

Round 2: Food

  • THBT countries with overall food shortage should not join the race for bio-fuels.
  • THW ban speculative trading on food products.
  • THW penalize corporations that waste food.

Round 3: Animals

  • THBT PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) should only accept vegetarians as members.
  • THW ban the neutering of pets.
  • THW allow the sale of parts of endangered animals which die natural deaths.

Round 4: IR

  • THBT the West would recognize Palestinian attacks on Israeli settlements as legitimate.
  • TH supports military intervention in Libya.
  • THW reintroduce the Sunshine Policy towards North Korea.

Round 5: Movement

  • THW pay beggars to leave big cities.
  • TH rejects the confinement of refugees.
  • THBT countries should give open borders to traditionally nomadic groups.

Round 6: Religion

  • THBT fear should not be used as a means of propagating religion to children.
  • THW ban religious preaching in public places.
  • THW ban religious groups from lobbying.

Round 7: Adam and/or Eve

  • THBT governments of developed countries should incentivize overseas adoption from Least Developed Countries
  • THW introduce affirmative action for sexual minorities (LGBT)
  • THBT mandatory military service should include women

Octo finals: Media

  • THBT governments sponsorship of TV shows that promote its agendas is justified.
  • THW disallow the making of biographical movies without the consent of the subject or his legal heir.
  • THW not give awards to celebs who glorify or openly use drugs.

Quarter finals: Law

  • THBT states should remove diplomatic immunity for judicial fairness.
  • THBT states should pay compensation to criminals who are acquitted after appeal.
  • THW ban the media from airing opinions on ongoing court trials

Semi Finals: Health and Medicine

  • THW deny healthcare to those who engage in illegal organ trading.
  • THW allow drug companies to advertize their products only to doctors.
  • THW ban research on behavior modification.

Grand Finals: Culture and Society

  • THBT cultural compatibility is legitimate grounds for differential immigration policies.
  • THBT it is justified for governments to destroy historical evidence which can cause social unrest.
  • TH supports state initiatives to define a national cultural identity.

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