Northeast Asian Open in Macau 2010 Motions


R1: THBT parents whose children are grossly obese should be penalized for child abuse.

R2: THBT China should support United Nation sanctions on North Korea.

R3: THBT energy companies of developed countries operating in developing countries should adhere to the environmental standards of their countries of origin.

R4: THBT EU should sanction its members for denying practice of religious freedom in public.

R5: THW ban beneficiaries of public welfare from entering casinos.

EFL Semi: THW allow the Taliban to join the elections as a legitimate party.

EFL Final: THBT Nobel Peace Prize should only be awarded in recognition of individuals who have already brought peace.

Quarter-Final: THBT African Union should monitor and be responsible for the security in Somalian waters.

Semi-Final: THW shut down websites of political bloggers that spread lies.

Grand-Final: THBT drug addicts should only be eligible for social welfare under condition of rehabilitation.

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