SMU Hammers 2010 in SIngapore

On behalf of the SMU Debating Society, I would like to invite you all
to SMU Hammers 2010, our annual Asian Parliamentary debating
tournament from April 3-4 2010. The tournament will be held at our
city campus which is conveniently situated in the heart of Singapore's
business and heritage district.

We are proud to have Shrawan Saraogi as our Chief Adjudicator for this
tournament. Shrawan judged the grand finals of the 2008 IIU AUDC. He
was also the champion (along with his partner Joey Pang) at the 2008
Singapore Debate Open, and has broken as a debater at many local and
regional tournaments.

We are also proud to have a very experienced adjudication team, which
includes Shuvam Dutta, Priyam Saraf and Andrea Soriano. Shuvam broke
as an adjudicator at the 2006 UBC Worlds, and along with Priyam broke
as a debater in many competitions including the AUDCs and Australs.
Andrea recently broke as an adjudicator at the 2010 Koc Worlds and
judged the open break quarterfinals at the same competition. She has
also broken at various local tournaments, including NTU Pro-Ams and

The tournament details are as follows

Registration fee:
Debaters and Adjudicators: S$15 / head
Observers: S$20 / head

Tournament Cap: 44 teams

Lastly, while we won't be providing on campus accommodation for
overseas teams, we will personally see to it that all our overseas
teams get some form of accommodation near our city campus.

For any further queries or clarifications, please feel free to contact
me at

A detailed schedule is available at the link below. We encourage you
to register your teams and adjudicators as soon as possible before the
cap is met. You can register by filling in a short form (given below).

Registration Link:

Tournament schedule:

We look forward to seeing you soon at the SMU HAMMERS 2010.

Anshul Agarwala
Vice President, Events
SMU Debating Society

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