Monday Night at Doctor Who Theater - The War Machines



Spring break in Burlington means that the town is fairly empty. It is easy to drive places, stores are not crowded, you can get a table at even the busiest of restaurants, and other signs of student absence.

And so it was at Doctor Who Theater. It was just Stephen Boyle and I so we decided to take a plunge and go way back in time, to 1966. That seems like the thing to do at Doctor Who Theater. I had just purchased some new DVDs and one of them was a favorite of mine from Doctor #1, The War Machines. We had great fun watching it.

Interesting features included:
-The way the war machines really liked to knock over stacks of empty boxes
-The way the computer WOTAN referred to the Doctor as “Doctor Who.” I am not sure this happens in any other story.
-The “fab time” at Club Inferno where the young are partying at the hottest nightspot in town.
-The introduction of Ben Jackson and Polly Wright, who go on to become companions in the TARDIS and are great fun in future stories.
-The way Dodo Chaplett vanishes at the end. That seemed strange. I wonder if she quit or got another job. After a little research I discovered that the management didn’t like her character and did not extend her contract beyond episode two of this story. I guess you could say she was fired.
-I love it when the Doctor says, “Orders that will never come!”

Black and whites are fun and historical but you realize when watching them how good the current show really has become.

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