Last chance to register for Amsterdam Euros

Dear debaters,

If you have not yet registered for Amsterdam Euros, or know people who have not done so: here is your last chance! Registration for Amsterdam closes tomorrow at noon, i.e. 15 hours from now. You can still register until then through

We have reached our team cap of 200 teams, but expect that some institutions will have to drop out later on. If you register now, you will end up on our waiting list, unless you are from a country not yet represented at this year's EUDC, in which you will get one team spot but ay other teams you may wish to register will end up on the waiting list. Institutions on the waiting list will be offered one team spot at Euros until all institutions on the waiting list are in, after which all that wish to send more teams, will be offered more spaces.

Given that 253 teams are now registered for Euros, we do not think we will reopen registration at a later date. So if you wish to participate in Amsterdam Euros and have not registered a team yet, please do so before tomorrow 12:00 in the afternoon, Central European Time at
Any questions regarding registration, or payments can be asked to With kind regards,

Anne Valkering

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