April 27, 2002





Special Awards

Annual Prizes

Senior Speeches


            Edwin Lawrence wanted a banquet to be held at the end of each debate season to celebrate the forensic experience.  Every spring we invite a few honored guests and all LDU parents to join us for a good time.  A booklet about the year is prepared, seniors say good-bye, there is a minimum of oratory, and the various prizes for debate achievement may be distributed.  Substantial cash awards accompany many of these prizes.  These awards are distributed based on service to the LDU and others on the team, and achievement in representing the LDU and UVM in analysis and performance.  A committee appointed by the coaches gives out these awards.





            Intercollegiate debate at the University of Vermont began in 1899 when Edwin W. Lawrence '01 started the University of Vermont debate team.  Throughout the early part of this century debate was a constant part of life at UVM.  After the Second World War, a cohesive national level of debate competition began to take shape, and Vermont was an important force.  Dr. Robert Huber came to UVM in the late 1940's, and throughout the 1950's and 1960's he led the Vermont debate team to national dominance, including national titles at all levels.  During this time, Edwin W. Lawrence gave generously to the University to establish an endowment for the debate team and a professorial chair to teach forensics and work with the team which became the Lawrence Debate Union.  The 1980's replaced the doldrums of the 1970's with a revitalized and successful debate team stressing education, competition, and service. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s UVM has been a consistent top national competitor. Since the award was created five out of the six East Region Debater of the Year awards have gone to UVM students. During this period UVM has national championships in Novice Debate and Public Debate, and has placed as high as Third in Varsity Debate and as high as Fifth in the National Sweepstakes race. This is doubly impressive because the vast majority of our opponent schools have extensive scholarship programs for talented high school debaters and a substantially larger budget, while UVM has students with little or no high school experience and very high travel costs. Success is possible through a community of students, staff, faculty, alumni volunteers, and friends.







The LDU is an endowed, co-curricular program at the University of Vermont located within the Speech and Debate program of the Department of Theatre.  It is directed by the Lawrence Professor of Forensics and coaches hired by the University.

            Members of the LDU are UVM students enrolled in at least six hours of undergraduate study per semester and who are working toward a Bachelor's degree. Members are expected to attend meetings, participate meaningfully in one of the three LDU areas of emphasis, provide information to the coaching staff about academic schedules and standing, and follow through on voluntary verbal commitments.

            The LDU has active partnerships with the Community College of Vermont, Middlebury College, and Burlington High School.

            The coaching staff is composed of debate experts who teach debate, explore issues, and coach students to win in competition and in life.  They are overworked and underpaid.

            The primary budget for the LDU is the income generated each year by the Lawrence Fund to Encourage and Develop Debating.  It is our generous bequest from Mr. Lawrence, and as such, the LDU is responsible for the highest standards of good stewardship.  It may or may not be completely spent in any given year, and unspent funds are rolled forward to the next year.

            The Student Government Association also sponsors the LDU.  A small sum of money each year is used to travel and to promote community debates. For these purposes, the LDU elects a student as S.G.A. Coordinator each year, and these funds are spent as directed by the S.G.A.


DEBATERS 2001-2002


Ertan Barucic

Marget Brue

Vilasa Campbell

Nick Cantalupo

Brian Cole

Shane Egizi

Aaron Fishbone

Adam Fronheiser

Adam Gana

Sky Ganer

Stephen Gilpatric

Justin Goralnick

Claudia Greenman

Josh Grenier

Casey Gervais

Julianne Hellmuth

Teresa Hill

Brian Hurley

Chong Kim

Matt Klein

Keith Kosow

Lana Langsweirdt

Sheila Limprevil

Jillian Marty

Steph McDonald

Kayce Massey

Nikki Muradian

Amy Myers

Edwin Owusu

Anthony Pagan

Meredith Parmett

Jake Ricker

Cody Rounds

Nick Soverel

Abigail Trebilcock

Carlos Varela

Shawn Wilkerson

Julie Winn

Jill Witney

Peter Wright



Greta Lockwood, alum

Charles Hoag, student

Jennifer Knops, alum

Jackie Massey, faculty

Lionel Palardy (Office Manager), staff

Rodrigo Rojas, friend

Alfred Snider, faculty

Matt Sweeney, student



Highest Number of Wins in LDU History 438


Highest number of debates in LDU History - 831


#9 Debate Program in the USA, 2001-2002 CEDA Sweepstakes and NDT Sweepstakes


#2 Novice Debate Team in the USA

Brian Cole & Adam Gana


#33 Varsity Debate Team in the USA

Shawn Wilkerson & Aaron Fishbone


2001-20012 All American Debate Team

Aaron Fishbone

Shawn Wilkerson


#9 Junior Varsity Debate Team in the USA

Casey Gervais & Meredith Parmett


#9 Novice Debate Team in the USA
Teresa Hill & Marget Brue


#3 Junior Varsity Debate Team in the East

Anthony Pagan & Edwin Owusu
Casey Gervais & Meredith Parmett


#3 Junior Varsity Debater in the East
Jillian Marty


#8 Junior Varsity Debater in the East

Claudia Greenman


Towson Judging Award

Binghamton Judging Award
Charles Hoag




 1662 hours of debating

 69.25 days of debating

 2.3 months of debating

 24,930 minutes of UVM speeches

 9972 minutes of UVM cross-examination



Primer Torneo Hispanoamericano de Debate, Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile

Univ. of Northern Iowa, IA

US Military Academy, West Point, NY

Univ. of Rochester, Rochester, NY

Univ. of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

UVM, Burlington, VT

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Binghamton Univ., Binghamton, NY

University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK

Columbia University, NYC, NY

Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC

University of Missouri at Kansas City, KC, MO

William Jewell College, Liberty, MO

Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY

Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY

University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Northwestern Univ., Evanston, IL

Towson Univ., Towson, MD

National Debate Tournament, Springfield, MO

CEDA Nationals, California State Univ. Fullerton, CA

Segundo Torneo Hispanoamericano de Debate, Universidad Interamericano, Puerto Rico




Ken Barton, Thrifty Car Rental

John Burgess, alumni

Andrea Comtois, Theatre Dept.

Roy Ferland, Residential Life

Sanh Son, Housekeeping

Andrew Hendrickson, A&S Computing

Karen McGregor, Vermont Community Access Media

Barbara Mercure, Facilities Scheduling

Joan Smith, A&S Dean

Martin Thaler, Bill Schenk, Theatre Dept.

Wes Wright, CIT




Bloomberg Foundation, NJ

Budin, Greenman and Greenman, NJ

Matthew Byrne, Attorney, IL

Sallie Chafer, Ziggurat Consulting, WV

James Copeland, National

Forensic League

Nicholas Danigelis, UVM

Steve Dolley, Nuclear Control Institute, DC

Glenn Ellingson, Verizon, CA

Laura LaPierre Ellingson, Santa Clara Univ., CA

Jeffrey Fernandez, NY

Justin Green, Dallas, TX

Jethro Hayman & Cleopatra Jones, Cornell University

Jewish Communal Fund, NYC

Tomislav Kargacin, Novi Sad, Serbia

Kirkland & Ellis Foundation, Chicago, IL

Ashlyn Murphy Lembree, NH

Terry McKnight, VT

John Meany, Claremont Colleges

Helen Morgan, Univ. of Pittsburgh

Chuck Morton, Attorney, MD

Col. Eric Nelson, US Air Force

Debbie Newman, Cambridge Union, UK

Justin Parmett, Univ. of South Carolina, SC

Sam Press, Attorney, VT

Erynne Ross, Attorney, IL

Raelynn Schwartz, Wake Forest Univ., NC

Noel Selegzi, International Debate Education Association

Paula Skowron, RI

Bojana Skrt, Z.I.P., Slovenia

Larry Stempler, Attorney, NJ

Verizon Foundation, CA

Lord Watson of Richmond, OBE, UK

Marc Whitmore, English-Speaking Union, London, UK

Steve Woods, Western Washington Univ.




Weekly television show on Burlington Channel 15, Wed. 12:30 PM, Thur. 10:30 PM, Sat. 1 PM. 250 different shows so far. Now also available on the Internet.



Two week intensive summer debate program held for 20 summers. The largest summer educational program in the USA for college debaters, in 2001 had over 300 students from 15 nations.



The Internet's largest and most complete resource for debate related instructional, theoretical, organizational, and reference material. 30,000 hits a day, used by 72 countries, at



CEDA Nationals, Fullerton, CA; NFL Nationals, Oklahoma City, OK.; Primer Torneo Hispanoamericano de Debate, Santiago, Chile; Barkley Forum for High Schools, Atlanta, GA.



Our weekly newsletter available to any and all. Let us know if you would like a mail or email subscription.



Weekly statewide television program of Vermont legislature democrats presented by Abigail Trebilcock and Aaron Fishbone.



Working with 15 cities bringing debate teams to inner city high schools.



Asian Studies Outreach Program, UVM

Burlington High School

English Speaking Union, UK

Free Debate Club of Belgrade, YU

Inner Mongolia Normal University, China

International Debate Education Association

Kyung Hee University, Republic of Korea

Nuclear Threat Initiative, Washington, DC

Sino-American Seminar on Educational Leadership, China

Universidad Diego Portales, Chile

Vermont Debate and Forensic League

Vermont Principals Association

World Debate Organization