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Player FAQ

Rules of Conduct

1) If the game is in progress, please don't interrupt.
2) No offensive language or hostile behavior is permitted.
3) Flooding, harassing or otherwise disturbing game play will have you kicked or banned from the room.

IRC Tips

1) To change your nickname once in the room type /nick NEWNAME.
2) To leave the room close the chat window.
3) Channel breaks (when several users vanish) during gameplay generally are rare and last only a few minutes, Please be patient. 

You must have Internet Explorer or Netscape 4.0 or higher (5.0 for the Mac)

PC Users -  When the popup window appears, please click YES and grant permission to use the applet. Otherwise you'll get a gray box.

MAC Users - If you get a "Connecting to server" message then nothing, go to preferences in Internet Explorer then click on Java (in the 'web browser' catagory). In the 'network access' pop up menu select 'unrestricted access' and save. If that still doesn't work, go back into your preferences and empty your disk cache (found under Advanced), then restart IE. There are no popup windows asking for permissions on the Mac so ignore the instruction for PC users.

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