I was invited by ZIP [Za in Proti, "Pro and Con"], the national debate program of Slovenia, to come and teach at their summer debate workshop in June and July, 2003. I volunteered my time and effort. It was fantastic. I owe huge thanks to Bojana Skrt and everyone associated with debate in Slovenia! I did not keep a diary, but these annotated photos should help a bit. They include debate shots and pure tourist shots. Enjoy!

Alfred C. Snider

Boarding the plane at JFK airport in New York City

Place to hang out in frankfurt while waiting for my flight. Pretty tacky, but not a bad place to have a frankfurter for breakfast, and it is Frankfurt, after all. The dollar's lessened value against the euro was made obvious to me at this point.

I went up into the mountains before the workshop started. It was hot in Ljubljana, so I was glad to get up into the cool mountains. Mountain vista on the way to stay in a small bed and breakfast farm in the mountains.

Water-powered sawmill at the small farm in Rabinow Kut where I stayed.

Mountain vista [get ready for a few of these -- it was too beautiful to pass up].

Typical Slovene house. 80% of Slovenes own their own home.

Farm in valley.

Another beautiful vista taken from the "Panoramic Highway."

All the right elements for a Slovene vista -- Mountain, clouds, fields, houses, and a cow.


Wow again!

Bed and Breakfast farmhouse where I stayed before the workshop.

A "Needle" or "Iglia" formation found at various points in the mountains.

Stream and foot bridge in the mountains.

Sport Hotel Areh, location of the workshop. Located high above the university town of Maribor.

Side view of Hotel Areh.

Another view -- but hey, I spent seven straight days there with only a few long walks to break the continuity.

Welcome sign made by the early arriving debaters.

Jakob Strous lectures to a small group of coaches.

Dinner at Hotel Areh -- the food was good, vegetables fresh, and many of the dishes traditional. I liked it, but others complained. No wonder I gained 5 pounds in ten days!

Leon tries to gesture in an early debate. He got a lot better at it. This is the setting in my classroom. I had about 20 university students and we spent all of our time preparing and practicing the British parliamentary debate format.

Vladimir makes a point. From Primorska, the seaside part of Slovenia near Italy, his native language is Italian, but his Slovene and English are excellent.

Nusa, an excellent debater. She started because she was afraid to speak in public. Not any longer!

Primoz (we call him Sunshine) and Barabara, medical student with a photographic memory.

Jan & Vladimir -- always both logical and entertaining. Our most colorful team.

Urska and Klemen. Urska won the free trip to NPDA nationals last year. Klemen is a serious high school debate coach as well as an excellent debater.

Anja and Jure, dynamic, dedicated, creative, and fun-loving debaters. they also worked at night to coach the high school students.

High school debate taking place outside on the porch.

Jan and Vladimir working on analyzing a case i gave them.

Barbara and Sergej doing points of information drills outside in the natural beauty of Areh.

Nusa and Gregor building a case for a strange topic I gave them. Gregor plays in a well-known pop music band.

Sergej rises to a point while Klemen speaks.

This time Sergej gets to respond.

Jure takes a point. Nice non-verbals.

Gregor [we called him "the mutilator'], one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. His debating improved tremendously very quickly. I really would like to have a chance to work with him again.

My host, Bojana Skrt, and her posse at the final event of the workshop.

My group of university debaters. We are missing a few who had to leave early, especially Janja. Nice outfit on you, Leon.

Larger group photo.

I try and always include a picture out of the window of my room. This is it for Hotel Areh.

but this is the real gem. This is the view from my classroom down the hill. Fantastic.

Sightseeing in the lake district. One of the most beautiful spots I have ever been to.

Statue of a Zlatorog, or magic capricorn with golden horns. A mythic beast that grants wishes, but also symbolizes Slovenia's most popular beer -- Lasko Zlatorog.

My host, Bojana Skrt, with the beautiful lake behind her. Huge trout could be seen swimming under the bridge.

Lovely cafe on a footpath around the lake. I had a "Kalashnikov," which turned out to be "black rum" mixed with "dark dog." Whatever those are.