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Al-Murshed, Complete guide to the art of debating (Arabic), 2012


Johnson, Steve. Winning debates, 2009.

In Spanish also

American Parliamentary Debate Videos

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Contemporary Argumentation and Debate

Arts Unit, New South Wales, Taking the initiative: guide to debating and public speaking, 2008

Louden, Allan. Navigating opportunity: Policy debate in the 21st Century, 2010.

Asian Parliamentary Debate Videos

Boyle, Stephen. Finding your Principle, 2011


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Meany, John and Kate Shuster. On that point: Introduction to parliamentary debating

Critical Advocacy – Introduction to Debating

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Meany, John and Kate Shuster. Speak Out!: Debate and public speaking in the middle grades

Debate Association Singapore, Videos

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D’Cruz,  Ray. Guide to Australs Debating, 2003

Debate Video Blog

Cimerman, Maja. Debating International Relations, 2011

Ehninger, Douglas and Wayne Brockreide, Decision by debate

Middleton, Michael. Participation for all: Guide to legislative debate

Karl Popper Debate Videos and search for “Karl Popper Debate”

Cimerman, Maja and Anja Serc. Introduction to WSDC Format, 2011

Flynn, Colm. Debating Tutorial, 2008

Morgan, Rhydian. British Parliamentary Debating, 2009

Lincoln-Douglas Debate Videos

Cimerman, Maja.  Debating as an ESL/EFL Speaker, 2011

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National Forensic League, Public Forum Debate

Middle School Public Debate Program, Video resources

England-Kerr, Anna. What to Do if You Know Nothing about the Motion, 2011

Shapiro, Daniel. Conflict and communication

National Forensic league, Using philosophy in debates

National Forensic League Final Rounds

England-Kerr, Anna. Debating International Human Rights, 2011

Rostrum Magazine
National Forensic League

Quinn, Simon. Debating in the World Schools style

Quinn, Simon. Debating, 2005

Policy Debate Videos
Policy Video - Policy Vid - NFLtv

Ilsley, Ilsley. Language as Art in Debate, 2011

iDebate Magazine
International Debate Education Association

Rybold, Gary and Neill Harvey-Smith. Speaking, Listening and Undertanding

Public Forum Debate Videos

Morgan, Rhydian. Points of Information, 2011

Debate Magazine

Driscoll, William, Robert Trapp and Joseph Zompelli, Discovering the world through debate – Introduction to Karl Popper Debate

Teacher’s Guide

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World Schools Debating Championship Videos

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In-Debate Magazing
United Kingdom

Whatley, Richard. Elements of Logic

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