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More Policy Theory

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Alfred Snider, Justin Morgan Parmett, Andy Ellis, Jackie Massey - Univ. of Vermont

Various speakers from the World Debate Institute

Various speakers from the World Debate Institute

More WDI Lectures

More WDI Lectures

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Yet More

WDI Keynotes, Synthesis, Etc.

1-Walk through of a debate

1st Affirmative Constructive

Cross Examination 02

Dynamic Speaking

Fiat Power 02

Advanced Counterplans 00

Impact Analysis 00

Debate & Activism

2-Stock Issues

1st Negative Constructive

How to Judge

Evidence Comparison 01

International Fiat

Counterplans 99

International Fiat 00

Foucault & Others


2nd Affirmative Constructive

Aff Prep

Evidence Tagging 01

Intro to Irony 02

Advanced Critique 00

Intro to Critiques 99

Keynote: Represent


2nd Negative Constructive 1st Negative Rebuttal

Aff Case Selection

Think Like the Judge

Irony - Good & Bad 02

Advanced Disadvantage 00

Critique Permutation

Keynote: Deconstructive Disengagement


1st Affirmative Rebuttal

Be the Judge when you Debate


Narratives 02

Delay Counterplan 00

Language Critiques 00

My Debate Story 07


2nd Negative Rebuttal

Cross Examination 00

Tagging Evidence 00

Poetry 02

Ethics 00

Narratives 00

Keynote: Jim Wade 99


2nd Affirmative Rebuttal

Cross Examination advanced 00

Aff Prep 01

Intro to Critique 02

Fiat Power 00

Neg Strategy 99 Part 1

Why Debate?


Advanced 1NC

CX- Wade 99 Part 1

Dirty Tricks

Advanced Theory 99 Part 1

Advanced Counterplan 01

Neg Strategy 99 Part 2



Advanced 2AC

CX - Wade 99 Part 2

Persuasion Wade

Advanced Theory 99 Part 2

Advanced Fiat 01

Permutation 00


10-Cross Examination

Advanced 2NC & 1NR

Make Decisions 99

Evidence Comparison 01

Advanced Topicality 00

Advanced Irony 01

Plan Inclusive CP


11-Decision Making

Advanced 1AR

Evidence Comparison

Flowing 01

Agent CPs 00

Advanced Narratives 01

Politics Disadvantages


12-Affirmative Part 2

Advanced 2NR

Evidence Comparison 01

Neg Prep 01

Answering Disads 00

Advanced Risk Assessment 01

Process Critiques


13-Negative Case Attack

Advanced 2AR

Tagging Cards


Answering Critiques 00

Advanced Theory 01

Respect for the Activity & the Community



1AC & 1AR

Making an Argument

Psychology of Winning Part 1 99

Contradictions 00

Advanced Topicality 01

Answering Topicality 01



1NR is 3NC

Neg Prep

Psychology of Winning Part 2 99

Disadvantage Strategy 01

Advanced Fiat Power 01

Advanced Language Critiques 01


Why Debate?


Advanced Research

Psychology of Winning 00

Advanced Stock Issues 01

Affirmative Casing 01

Counterplan Types & Tactics





Disadvantage Secrets 01

Negative Strategy 01

Community & Respect





Counterplan Disad Strategy 01

Arguing Theory 01

Rick Assessment 01





Irony 01

Critique Types 01

Intro to Narratives & Irony 01





Answering Critiques 01

PICs & Perms 01

Anti-Topicality 01





Types of PICs & Perm CPs 01

Disad Turns 01