Inner Temple IV Motions 1-2 February 2013

R1: THW Abolish Trial by Jury
R2: THBT, When and Where Gay Marriage is Legal, Religious Institutions Should Be Compelled to Conduct Gay Wedding Ceremonies
R3: THBT All Policy on Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Controlled Substances Should Be Made by Expert Scientific Panels and not Elected Officials
R4: THBT The Arab Spring Has Been Bad for Egypt
R5: THW Punish Illegal Tax Avoidance by the Deprivation of Citizenship (NOTE FROM CA TEAM: “It has been pointed out to us that we confused avoidance and evasion. We are sorry, and a tad embarrassed”)

SF: THBT It Is Impossible to Be A Pro-Life Feminist
GF: TH Regrets that Lance Armstrong Got Caught

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