Malang Schools Debate Tournament (MASTER) 31 August 2012 Motions

Prepared motions for the Malang Schools Debate Tournament (MASTER) 2012 held on the 31st of August 2012. Visit for more.

1. THBT We should regret Austalia’s new anti-tobacco marketing law
2. THW Introduce global tax for all country to collectively help international financial crisis
3. THW Push third world countries government to create National Lottery

1. THW Prosecute The Maker of Provocative Publications Containing Sensitive Issues During Election
2. THBT Indonesia Shouldn’t Interfere Too Much on Middle-East Conflict
3. THW Support The Dismission of Violent-Extremist Groups

In the name of Equality
1. TH Does Not Believe that Feminism is Universal
2. Feminist movements should encourage the use of lipstick
3. THW give extra subsidy in campaign funding for female candidates

1. TH Should not force someone to be witness in court
2. THW allow physical punishment for juvenile criminals
3. THW require doctors to report minors with HIV to their parents regardless of patient’s consent

Source: Indodebaters

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