Hong Kong Debate Open 2012 Motions

R1: THW privatize the police.
R2: THBT the increasing participation of women in violent sports is good for women.
R3: THW pay drug addicts to get sterilized.
R4: THW ban positive depictions of former dictators and convicted war criminals.
R5: THBT the withdrawal of forces of foreign states from a state in which they intervened should be subject to a referendum by the people of that state. (e.g. people of Afghanistan voting on the withdrawal of foreign forces)
R6: THW ban privately owned vehicles for personal use.
Pre-QF: THBT states with ageing populations should accept more immigrants instead of providing incentives for their citizens to have more children.
QF: THW make shareholders legally liable for environmental damage and labour abuse by the companies they invest in.
SF: THBT the state should not issue operating licences to religious schools that do not acknowledge and teach the supremacy of secular processes and values.
F: THW ban the publication of pre-election survey/poll results during the election period.


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