SSE Riga & LMT IV, Riga, Latvia, December 8 2012 Motions

SSE Riga & LMT IV, Riga, Latvia, December 8

  1. R1: THW ban sports, where the main purpose is to inflict pain (e.g. boxing, martial arts)
  2. R2: THBT the state should fund the identity change, including changing their legal name and physical appearance, of infamous prisoners upon their release
  3. R3: THBT Western countries should offer to immediately cancel all debts owed by any authoritarian country upon its transition to democracy
  4. R4: THBT the gay rights movement should campaign for the abolition of marriage, rather than marriage equality
  5. R5: THW ban all political polls before any election
  6. SF: THW make the use of conscripts in active combat a war crime
  7. F: THBT from kindergarten onwards all education should be gender neutral

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