Singapore Debate Open 2012 Motions

Singapore Debate Open 2012.

R1 (Gender) THBT nude protests regress the feminist movement
R2 (Technology, Environment, and Space) Assuming that it is feasible, THW actively encourage private mining operations on the moon
R3 (Labour Rights/Corporations (SMRT)) TH rejects the universality of rights of foreign workers
R4 (Zombies!!!!) In the event of a zombie apocalypse, strained of resources, THW abandon survivors in infested areas in the attempt to save more people
R5 (EU/Econs) THBT the future of the European Union lies in giving up the Euro currency
R6 (Sex Education) In developed countries with severe population replacement deficits, THW impose a sin tax on contraception
Original QF (Religion) THW remove the tax-exempt status of any religious organization involved in politics
QF (Law) THW allow repeat sex offenders the option of accepting permanent chemical castration in exchange for a lighter sentence
SF and Junior GF (Social Justice) THBT social injustice is a legitimate excuse for political violence.
GF (Geo Political) THW pay Myanmar to take back the Rohingyas

A rare side-note, there are two QF motions because the QF was re-drawn after one of the teams was disqualified due to the absense of one of its members.

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