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Palestine 2014

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Cameroon 2012

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Botswana 2011

Italy 2010

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Oxford & Cambridge UK 2001

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Yugoslavia 1996

Vermont 1984

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Some Examples of Our Work


International Debate Academy Slovenia 2010

Through the years...

  1. Since 1982 there have been summer programs for high school and college students as well as teachers and coaches. Our training attempts to create in individuals the qualities that are necessary for creating a participatory democracy and a true civil society. Subjects cover debate, leadership skills, decision making, argumentation, persuasion and reasoning.

  2. Debate formats have included: USA policy, NPDA, WUDC, WSDC, NFA-LD, middle school public debate, classroom debate and more.

  3. Since 1995 there have been various workshops and events organized around the world as part of WDI. Sponsors have included USA State Department, European Union, Open Society Institute, Qatar Foundation and many others.