I am Alfred Snider. In 1960, my father started work on a piece of beach property in Baja California. It was on a small bay and the village was called Puertecitos. It is 52 miles south of San Felipe, a small port city at the northern end of the Gulf of California. I have kept the place in the family and use it as my escape and vacation home. I try and go there each May and December. My Calendar will tell you when I am there.

We have no telephone service and electricity only when we run a generator to recharge laptop & ipods. The house is a three bedroom structure right on the beach built out of beautiful natural stone, and features a huge porch. The name "Snider's Snare" was given to it in 1970, and seems to have stuck.

This blog is about my time there, my longing to be there when I am not, and various events there.

My House in Baja California, Mexico