The Mark of the Doctor Pt 3 - Finale
May 19, 1999
Plot by David A. Sharpe

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20 Years before "Reunion on Fenris"...

     Anton Gerrit, President of the Chartered Loki Company, sat in his spartan office, reading a report.  The report detailed the interrogation of a spy caught in the Charybdium mine.  Gerrit finished reading the report and laid it on his desk.  He steepled his fingers under his chin and thought for a few minutes.
     Suddenly he reached out and stabbed a button on his desk.   The vidcom screen lit up with the visage of his security chief.  Gerrit spoke quickly yet calmly, not giving the other person a moment to interrupt.  "Take Mr. Montanard back to mine and arrange an 'accident' for him.  Don't let this happen again, or you'll be next."  He then cut off the channel. 
     Stabbing another button, he next spoke to Baker, Vice President of the Company.  "We have a problem.  A spy found out the truth about the mine.  He said he didn't get a message out, but we can't go on that assumption.   Start
plans for Stage C immediately."
     "At once", Baker affirmed.  Then the vidcom screen went blank.

    "Time to make some travel arrangements," Gerrit spoke to himself as he reached into desk and took out some travel brouchers.   "Where shall I go first?"

Encyclopedia Galactica, 31st Century Edition...

LOKI - 3rd planet in the Freya star system, located in the Lyonian Hegemony.  Class IV inhabitated planet.  Pastoral setting.  One spaceport in Loki City. Charybdium mine.

CLASS IV INHABITED PLANET - A Class IV inhabited planet is a Terra type planet with a native sapient race.

CHARYBDIUM - Radioactive element used to power Abbot drives.


The Doctor - (DRTUNA) - A wandering Timelord in his 10th Persona

Irish - (Irish TCat) - a green cat, the son of Trouble and protege of the TARDIS, he can morph and communicate both telepathically and by speech.

Father Benjamin Sinclair - (David/AlxKeegan2) - a handsome man in his mid-30s, brown hair, green-hazel eyes, carefully trimmed bear; a Renaissance man - priest of the Universal Church of Christ the Shepherd, member of the Ecumenical Council for the Salvation of the Races, scientist specializing in Exobiology and Lyonian Hegemony Executive Special Agent.

Mr. Baker - (JenK) Vice President of the Chartered Loki Company

Raviero - nominal representative of the native sentients on Loki.  The Lokians are a humanoid race, graceful and strong, peaceful with an unquestioning loyalty to the clan heads.

Mining Supervisor Cariello - an unscrupuluous mining engineer in charge of the Charybdium mine on Loki.

Timinestra - one of the clan heads of the Lokian people

Lovaria - native of Loki, a mine worker and acquantace of Yves Montanard Mining Supervisor Cariello - an unscrupuluous mining engineer in charge of the Charybdium mine on Loki.

Commander Porsupah - Tyrolian commander of the carrier group waiting for the order to land on Loki, arrest the staff of the Chartered Loki Company and rescue the enslaved natives.

Various security guards, mine personnel, native workers and Hegemonic guards


The Doctor is on the planet Loki in the Lyonian Hegemony, investigating the
possible enslavement of the native sentients.  Also on the planet is Father
Benjamin Sinclair, ostensibly to set up a mission on the planet but also
there to look into the enslavement of the native Lokians.  The Doctor has
gone on a tour of the mine when the lift begins to plummet out of control
towards the bottom of the mine shaft.


In the nick of time (the Doctor, mine workers, Cariello)

     The Doctor manages to reactivate the contragrav lift seconds before it
crashes into the bottom of the shaft.  safety protocols then take over and
the lift goes back up to the top of the mine shaft, where they are met by a
distraught Cariello who insists the Doctor relax in the lounge for a bit
before continuing the tour.  Security ushers the Doctor to the lounge while
Cariello goes back to her office.

A Green Savior (Irish, Lovaria, security agent)

     Suddenly the door to the TARDIS opens.  Lovaria tumbles through the door
into the TARDIS and a green big cat leaps over her and goes after the
security agent, who narrowly escapes with the warehouse with his life.  Irish
goes back into the TARDIS, resumes his normal self and receives the message
Lovaria has for him.  He waits by the controls for the Doctor's signal.

Move to Stage C! (VP Baker, Cariello, Raviero, Timinestra)

     Baker receives a frantic message from the security agent detailed to
follow Lovaria.  He then receives a call from Cariello telling him of the
Doctor's escape from the "accident" planned for him.  Baker flips out.   He
orders Cariello to evacuate the mine of their personnel and activate the self
destruct sequence.  Last, he contacts Raviero <who is meeting with
Timinestra> to warn them to be ready for word of the mine's collapse and the
loss of the native workers.

A hurried warning (Timinestra, Father Benjamin, Porsupah)

     Timinestra contacts Father Benjamin, who has almost reached the mine. 
She tells him of the message from Baker and begs him to save the workers. 
Father Benjamin tells her he will do his best.  Father Benjamin sends a
message to Commander Porsupah telling him to come at once.


A Reason for Alarm, Pt. One (the Doctor, Cariello, security guards)

     The Doctor is waiting in the lounge when alarms begin going off.  He
peeks out the door and sees people running towards the exits.  He leaves the
lounge to investigate but is caught by Cariello and 2 security agents.  They
hold him at gunpoint as Cariello and the Doctor talk.  She tells him they
know he is an Executive Special Agent.  He is too late, however.  The mine is
about to be lost in an industrial accident, along with the native workers. 
Sadly, the Doctor has to die as well.  She levels her gun at the Doctor...

A Reason for Alarm, Pt. Two (Father Benjamin, security guards)

     Father Benjamin reaches the mine.   Coming thru the visitors entrance, he
is accosted by 2 security guards.  He smiles coldly at them and shows them
his Executive Special Agent ID.  He warns them to get out of his way or face
the consequences.  The security agents blanch and let him in.  Benjamin heads
further into the complex as the security agents flee.  He comes upon the
Doctor, Cariello and the 2 security guards. He eavesdrops upon their
conversation and sees Cariello aim her weapon at the Doctor...

Divine Intervention? (Benjamin Sinclair, the Doctor, Irish, Lovaria)

     As Cariello is about to shoot the Doctor, Benjamin enters the room,
firing swiftly and dropping Cariello and the 2 guards.  He tells the Docctor
not to worry, they're only stunned, not dead.  He expresses a bit of surprise
that the higher-ups would send 2 agents in to deal with the problem, but
agrees that it seems to have been necessary.  As Benjamin tells the Doctor
about the Hegemonic Guard ships on their way to arrest the malfeasants, the
Doctor sends the message to Irish, who arrives with the TARDIS.  Benjamin is
briefly taken aback by its sudden appearance but follows the Doctor inside


Spaceport Landing (Comm. Porsupah, VP Baker, Hegemonic guards)

     The Hegemonic Guard cruisers come in for an emergency landing at the
spaceport.  Porsupah tells the Spaceport staff that the spaceport is under
Guard control and orders them to cancel all flights arriving or leaving until
further notice.  A squad of Guards in an HAPC is sent to the mine to affect
the rescue of the native mine workers.  Porsupah smiles as Guardsmen bring in
VP Baker, who they prevented from escaping in his ship.  He tells Baker he
looks forward to seeing him swing at the end of a noose and has the Guardsmen
throw him in the brig.

Rescue, Part One (the Doctor, Benjamin Sinclair)

     The TARDIS arrives in the master control room of the mine.  Benjamin and
the Doctor exit the craft and the TARDIS disappears again.  Benjamin begins
downloading evidence from the computers of the enslavement while the Doctor
sets to work halting the destruct sequence.  He succeeds with less than a
minute to spare.

Rescue, Part Two (Irish, Lovaria)

     The TARDIS arrives down in the mine after having dropped off Benjamin
and the Doctor in the master control room.  Lovaria ushers her fellow mine
workers into the TARDIS.  Once all the workers are inside, Irish pilots the
TARDIS,  having it land a short distance away from the visitor entrance to
the mine complex.

Epilogue (Benjamin Sinclair, Comm. Porsupah, the Doctor, Irish)

     A short time later, the Doctor, Irish, Benjamin and Comm. Porsupah meet
in the offices of the head of the Spaceport.  Congratulations are given all
around.  Benjamin believes they have enough evidence to convict the
miscreants of enslavement and murder.  He laments the fact that the President
of the Company, Anton Gerit, escaped the planet a month earlier.  The Doctor
says it may take a long time but he is sure that Gerit will be brought to
justice.  Everyone says their goodbyes and the Doctor and Irish leave to go
off on their next adventure.

The End of "The Mark of the Doctor"

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