The Mark of the Doctor Pt 1
May 5, 1999
Plot by David A. Sharpe

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20 Years before "Reunion on Fenris"...

     Anton Gerrit, President of the Chartered Loki Company, sat in his spartan office, reading a report.  The report detailed the interrogation of a spy caught in the Charybdium mine.  Gerrit finished reading the report and laid it on his desk.  He steepled his fingers under his chin and thought for a few minutes.
     Suddenly he reached out and stabbed a button on his desk.   The vidcom screen lit up with the visage of his security chief.  Gerrit spoke quickly yet calmly, not giving the other person a moment to interrupt.  "Take Mr. Montanard back to mine and arrange an 'accident' for him.  Don't let this happen again, or you'll be next."  He then cut off the channel. 
     Stabbing another button, he next spoke to Baker, Vice President of the Company.  "We have a problem.  A spy found out the truth about the mine.  He said he didn't get a message out, but we can't go on that assumption.   Start
plans for Stage C immediately."
     "At once", Baker affirmed.  Then the vidcom screen went blank.

    "Time to make some travel arrangements," Gerrit spoke to himself as he reached into desk and took out some travel brouchers.   "Where shall I go first?"

Encyclopedia Galactica, 31st Century Edition...

LOKI - 3rd planet in the Freya star system, located in the Lyonian Hegemony.  Class IV inhabitated planet.  Pastoral setting.  One spaceport in Loki City. Charybdium mine.

CLASS IV INHABITED PLANET - A Class IV inhabited planet is a Terra type planet with a native sapient race.

CHARYBDIUM - Radioactive element used to power Abbot drives.


The Doctor - (DRTUNA) - A wandering Timelord in his 10th Persona

Irish - (Irish TCat) - a green cat, the son of Trouble and protege of the TARDIS, he can morph and communicate both telepathically and by speech.

Agent Zero - Celestial Intervention Agent who brings to the Doctor's attention the problem on Loki.

Father Benjamin Sinclair - (David/AlxKeegan2) - a handsome man in his mid-30s, brown hair, green-hazel eyes, carefully trimmed bear; a Renaissance man - priest of the Universal Church of Christ the Shepherd, member of the Ecumenical Council for the Salvation of the Races, scientist specializing in Exobiology and Lyonian Hegemony Executive Special Agent.

Mr. Baker - Vice President of the Chartered Loki Company

Raviero - nominal representative of the native sentients on Loki.  The Lokians are a humanoid race, graceful and strong, peaceful with an unquestioning loyalty to the clan heads.

Mining Supervisor Cariello - an unscrupuluous mining engineer in charge of the Charybdium mine on Loki.


A Clandestine Meeting (the Doctor, Irish, Agent Zero)

The Doctor, responding to an urgent summons, takes Irish with him to Disneyland - Europa.  There on the Flux-G Coaster, he meets with Agent Zero, a new operative for the CIA.  He brings the Doctor a message and a request.   The CIA received a message from a Jaques Montanard, an agent of the Doctor in his 6th incarnation.  The message asks the Doctor to come to the planet Loki in the Lyonian Hegemony as soon as possible.  It mentions danger and thousands in peril. Agent Zero tells the Doctor that Montanard was killed in a mining accident on Loki.   As the ride ends, he gives the Doctor a sealed packet and leaves, disappearing into the crowd.  The Doctor decides that, as much as he hates these little "problems" the CIA is always entangling him in, he owes it to his old friend Montanard to check things out. Once back in the TARDIS, the Doctor and Irish look in the packet.  It contains ID papers, a ticket on the interstellar liner Avalon Queen, a line of credit and a letter of introduction to the Chartered Loki Company.  The Doctor sets the new coordinates and they're off!


On a shuttle nearing Loki (the Doctor, Father Benjamin)

The Doctor takes the Avalon Queen's shuttle down to Loki, having left Irish with the TARDIS in the liner's hold.  On the trip down he converses with fellow passenger Father Benjamin Sinclair, who has come to Loki to meet with the clan heads and negotiate the building of a church on the planet.

Conspirators Meet (VP Baker, Raviero)

VP Baker meets with Raviero in his office in Loki City.   Raviero reassures Baker that his people will cooperate completely with the coverup.   They then leave to go to the spaceport to meet their arriving guests.


Arrival at the Spaceport (the Doctor, Father Benjamin, VP Baker, Raviero)

The shuttle lands at the Loki City Spaceport.  As the Doctor and Father Benjamin disembark, they are met by VP Baker and Raviero.  The Doctor gives Baker his letter of introduction.  Baker says he will have the Doctor driven to his hotel.  He will take him to see the mine in the morning and then they will discuss his investing in the Company.  Raviero will take Father Benjamin to his village, there to meet with the other clan heads to discuss the possible church.  The Doctor and Father Benjamin say goodbye and leave with their escorts.  Surreptitiously the Doctor sends a signal to the TARDIS.

Meanwhile, back on the TARDIS (Irish)

Irish receives the Doctor's signal.  He activates the homing program and the TARDIS disappears from the hold of the Avalon Queen.  Moments later it appears in a secluded corner of the Spaceport docks.  Irish settles down to wait for the Doctor's next communique.

Suspicions (VP Baker)

Back in his office, Baker looks over the Doctor's letter of introduction.  Suspicious after the recent events with the spy (Montanard) he orders one of his agents to check out the Doctor's ID papers.  He then vidcoms Cariello at the mine and tells her to prepare a "special tour" of the mine, just in case.

Next Week's Sim

The Doctor discovers the secret that his old friend Montanard died in uncovering.  Will the Doctor follow his friend to the grave? Join us online Wednesday night to find out. To join the sim fill out our sign up form or e-mail group coordinator David.