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Sarah Snider & Helen Morgan, #1 Varsity Debate Team in the East

Awards - Debater of the Year

In a debate tournament held this weekend, jointly sponsored by the Cross Examination Debate Association and the National Debate Tournament, the University of Vermont team of Helen Morgan and Sarah Snider finished first and won the Eastern USA Varsity Debate Championship after posting an 11-1 record.

The final standings for the top five teams were as follows, with only the top five teams receiving invitations to attend the National Debate Tournament in Kansas City next month.

1 Univ. of Vermont Morgan & Snider 11-1
2 Pace University Kloster & Peterson 10-2
3 Dartmouth College Leong & Rubin 9-3
4 New York University Garner & Gorelick 7-5
5 Harvard University Choi & Wilson 7-6

(Harvard defeated the University of Rochester and Binghamton University in run-off debates to win the final bid to the NDT.)

Sarah Snider of UVM was named as the Eastern United States Debater of the Year for the 1999-2000 season. Sarah joins previous UVM winners Jethro Hayman 1996, Cleopatra Jones 1997, and Rae Lynn Schwartz 1999. Sarah was named the #3 speaker in the tournament and Helen Morgan was #5.

The national year-long topic is: Resolved: that the United States federal government should adopt a policy of constructive engagement including the immediate lifting of all or nearly all economic sanctions against one or more of the following countries: Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Syria. The UVM affirmative is to lift economic sanctions on Cuba so that their critical sustainable agriculture techniques can be modeled by other countries, taking the position that sustainable agriculture techniques are critical to food security, biodiversity, community, and ecological balance.

There were six debates with two judges in each debate. Teams with the same records were matched against each other as the tournament went on. The two crucial matches were Rounds Five and Six. In Round Five Vermont debated Dartmouth when both teams were 7-1. Vermont was negative against Dartmouth's case to lift sanctions on Iraq, with UVM winning both ballots from judges Stefan Bauschard of Boston College and Allysa Cockrell of the University of Rochester. In round Six Vermont was affirmative against Harvard and also won both ballots. The only ballot lost by Vermont was to #2 Pace University in Round Two, winning the ballot of Bill Russell from Dartmouth but losing their only ballot from Mike Gottleib of Harvard.

Greta Lockwood and Lisbeth Robinson finished 11th in the tournament.

Several things make this performance especially impressive. First, UVM's budget is a fraction of what the schools finishing behind them spend to support debate. Second, UVM's team is the only team without high school debate experience, usually essential for top-flight competition such as this. Third, UVM has no scholarships for debaters, which means these schools have Division 1-A style support while UVM operates at the club level in this regard. Fourth, the schools finishing behind UVM have professional coaching staffs while UVM operates with mostly volunteers and alums as coaches.

How do they do it? The answer is simple: hard work, dedication, and working together as an intellectual community.

Working with Morgan and Snider have been the UVM coaches: Alfred C. Snider (professor), Jackie Massey (lecturer). Rae Lynn Schwartz (alum), Andy Ellis (volunteer), and Justin Parmett (alum). Support from every squad member, especially in terms of research and argument preparation, was essential to this success.

UVM has one of America's largest debate teams even though it is very modestly funded. Driving instead of flying, sleeping bags in dorm rooms instead of beds in hotel rooms, and the sacrifice of students and coaches make this possible. Current funding comes entirely from an endowment established by Edwin W. Lawrence '01 and contributions from alums. UVM debate is seeking sponsors for its journeys to the NDT and CEDA National tournaments in March.

The year is UVM's 100th anniversary of intercollegiate debating. This season UVM has set new all-time records for wins and debates, fielding as many as 17 two-person teams at once. The UVM Debate website is at http://debate.uvm.edu/ldu.html while the general debate website called DEBATE CENTRAL is at http://debate.uvm.edu.

Those interested in becoming supporters and sponsors of UVM Debate can contact Professor Snider at 802-238-8345, asnider@zoo.uvm.edu, or visit us at Huber House (unofficial name), 475 Main Street, on the UVM campus.


In other results from the Eastern Region Championships, Novices Ted Malley and Jennifer Knops finished FIFTH in the East after a 4-2 prelim record and a tough loss to eventual champion Boston College in the quarterfinals. Other novice teams such as Meredith Parmett & Casey Gervais finished 3-3 as did Heather Towne & Jordan Clark. Two other novice teams (Eric Chartan & Ben Luntz as well as Craig Weidhorn & Ben Luntz were 1-5.

In the JV division although both teams (Peter Winfield & Anthony Pagan as well as Mark Douglas [Middlebury] & Allana Alexander) did not reach the elimination rounds , both Peter and Anthony received speaker awards (10th & 8th).


Teams: Snider-Morgan, Fishbone-Pagan, Alexander-Douglas, Malley-Knops, Parmett-Gervais, Chartan-Phippen, Lockwood is looking for a partner and DESERVES to go.
Coaches: Snider, Massey, Schwartz, Ellis.
Van #1 at 9 AM, Van #2 at 12:30 PM, sign up in office.
Bring sleeping bags, pillow, towel, as we will stay with Chuck Morton.

3/3-5 Nov Nats, JV Nats, Towson
3/17-20 CEDA Nats in KC
3/24-27 NDT in KC


JV-Novice Research Meeting Tuesday 8:30 PM
Long Term Research Meeting Wed. 11:30 AM

Tuesday Night 7-10 PM
Wednesday Night 7-10 PM


The Lawrence Debate Union and the University of Vermont are joining with the English-Speaking Union in the United Kingdom to sponsor the world’s first live broadcast international internet debate. The event will showcase technological, communicative, and intellectual abilities as well as further promote UVM's proven expertise as a world leader in the organising and teaching of debating and communication skills to young people.

We will have a streaming video transatlantic debate with our United Kingdom partners, the English-Speaking Union, on 14th March, 2000 at 12:00 Noon Eastern Time. You can watch the live streaming video transmission of the debate from your computer screen.

The UVM side of the debate is being sponsored by PeoplesForum.com and Apple Computing, while the UK side of the debate is being sponsored by Anderson Consulting.

The event itself will consist of:

The debate will be available to a potentially enormous world-wide audience. The debate will be broadcast from UVM as well as from the global live internet broadcast facility of LiveTX.com. The University of Vermont internet debate network [Debate Central] serves 3000 users each day and has been used by citizens in over 70 nations. The English Speaking Union has over 45 branches around the world, with educational links to over 3,000 institutions in the UK and abroad.

UVM Broadcast site http://www.uvm.edu/livedebate/

UK broadcast site http://www.livetx.com/esudebating/

Debate Central website http://debate.uvm.edu

The University of Vermont Lawrence Debate Union, directed by Alfred C. Snider, the Lawrence Professor of Forensics, is working to stage this event. Professor Snider has been a pioneer in the use of new technology and its application to debate, and is working closely with UVM and Apple Computing to demonstrate the application of internet technology to distributed learning environments.

UVM has hosted the World Debate Institute for the past twenty years, which draws high school and university students from around the world to learn about debate. UVM is also heavily involved with the ten-city national Urban Debate League project, which offers opportunities to inner city students to experience the benefits to critical thinking, research and personal effectiveness that debating can provide. UVM has already staged a debate which was broadcast live around the world this last summer (and received responses from all over the world), as well as a distance debate against Cornell University, but these did not involve the two sides being on separate continents; this challenge is the next major milestone.

The English-Speaking Union is an independent, non-political, educational charity with members throughout the UK, the USA and the rest of the world. Its purpose is to promote international understanding and human achievement through the widening use of the English language throughout the world. Central to the purpose of the English-Speaking Union today is the recognition that the English language offers people of different races and cultures a means of shared communication. English is spoken by over one billion people worldwide and has become the international language of business, travel and technology. The ESU supports a range of activities that enhance the effective use of the English language. The Centre for International Debate and Communication Training provides professional guidance for all ESU debating and public speaking activities, delivers internationally a program of workshops in cooperation with business to develop local resources for debating and public speaking, commissions and produces appropriate learning resource materials, and provides an open learning resource center at the ESU for visiting students and communication professionals. Their website is http://www.esu.org.


CONTACT: wdritschilo@rutlandhs.k12.vt.us

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