Motion: This House would give India a permanent seat on the UN Security Council and only allow one seat to a European nation to be selected by the EU.

VenueOpening Gov.Opening Opp.Closing Gov.Closing Opp.ChairPanel
Higgins Hall 108Cornell YBSt. John's CMSt. John's GPVermont SBKatie Teubl
Berkshire Hall 207Regis BDSt. John's CFVermont GACornell BZPat RyanJosiah Peterson
Higgins Hall 206King's CCMichigan Flint FWRIT AVermont DASam NelsonJay Wexler
Christine Yu
Higgins Hall 110Claremont CBCornell DKSt. John's KBSt. John's/Ohio Wesleyan SDSam NataleBurk Ohbayashi
Berkshire Hall 211Ohio Wesleyan COSt. John's URKing's BHCornell NKAlli Hamlin
Higgins Hall 117King's CPVermont CLKing's DLCornell HRDavid HernandezShresthth Jain
Science 164King's CTCornell SGClaremont MSKing's BCAlia BellwoodHank Owings
Higgins Hall 202Cornell EWSt. John's NZSt. John's CaFaCape Cod TEStephen Boyle
Higgins Hall 107Cornell CFSt. John's MSRochester CKKing's HPMatt VazquezJames Dee
Berkshire Student LoungeRochester LMVermont RSMichigan Flint JRCornell PMSteve LlanoGabe Hardy
Science 219WCSU Swing 2King's HSCape Cod DGCape Cod ECAmber Tya WatkinsJose Gonzalez
Science 125RIT BVermont PLOhio Wesleyan LWSt. John's PBAlyssa LeventhalMaggie Henry
Science 263Cape Cod MBKing's DTCape Cod RMWCSU Swing 1Jaime WrightMatt Newberg