Sunday, April 11, 2010

Claremont Wins US Universities 2010

Claremont wins: Charlie Sprague, John Meany, Jesse Katz-Blumenthal

The team of Charlie Sprague and Jesse Katz-Blumenthal from the Claremont Colleges Debating Union, coached by John Meany, won a 6-1 decision at the United Ststes Universities Debating Championship 2010 hosted by Regis Universityn and Denver University.

The motion was: This House believes that terror suspects should be tried in civilian courts.

Other teams in the finals were Portland State University, Stanford University and Yale University.

Teams reaching the semifinals included the University of Vermont, Bates College, and two teams from the University of Alaska.

The tournament was attended by 124 teams.  Full results will be available within a few hours at

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