Ithaca 2010 Motions


ROUND ONE: THW ban labor unions.


ROUND TWO: THW legalize human cloning.


ROUND THREE: THW not allow corporations to make financial contributions to political candidates.


ROUND FOUR: THW partition Sudan.


ROUND FIVE: THBT the more corrupt a government is the less development assistance it should receive.


ROUND SIX: THW allow police entrapment.


Q: THBT destination countries should be forced to pay reparations to human trafficking victims within their borders.


S: THBT military coups are preferable to corrupt, democratically elected governments.


F: THW prosecute all terrorists as criminals in civilian courts.




Position – team – seed


2O Portland BB 1 advances

1G Ithaca 16

2G Vermont DH 8 advances

1O Cornell HB 9

Judges: Llano, Torda, Bellwood


2O Vermont NA 4 advances

2G Ohio Wesleyan SJ 13

1O Claremont SB 6 advances

1G St JohnÕs FD 11

Judges: Clock, Cohen, Gibson


1G Cornell BY 2 advances

1O HWS MG 15

2G HWS HC 7 advances

2O St. JohnÕs BP 10

Judges: Boyle, Anwar, Latucca


2G HWS KM 3 advnces

2O Vermont SB 14

1O Vermont GL 5 advances

1g St JohnÕs JS 12

Judges: Richter, Stiteler, Razmatova




Position – team


1G Vermont NA

1O Claremont SB advances

2G Vermont DH

2O Portland BB advances

Judges: Nelson, Bellwood, Razmatova



1O Cornell BY advances

2G Vermont GL advances


Judges: Richter, Llano, Cohen




Position – team


1G Vermont GL SECOND

1O Claremont SB FIRST

2G Portland State BB

2O Cornell BY

Judges: Llano, Bellwood, Cohen