I was told I was going to a place called Dom Kavka, a lodge in the distant Slovenia Alps quite near the border with Italy. In order to get there I flew from Burlington, Vermont to JFK Airport in NYC, take a shuttle bis to Newark Airport, fly from Newark to London Heathrow, take a shuttle bus from Heathrow to London Gatwick, take a flight from London Gatwick to Venice, get picked up in Venice. Then I would get to chill for a day or so in the mountains and then go on to Dom Kavka itself. I was starting to get a strange feel about this strange place.

First stop was a place called Log Pod Mangrtom and a stay in a small inn there near the end of the valley. It was fantastic.

The sign explaining the valley of log Pod Mangrtom

In the wood-fired hot tub at the inn

The border with Italy, just above Log Pod Mangrtom

Cafe at the border

Looking down into the valley from the border

Mountains around Long Pod Mangrtom (next few shots)

Along the road in the bottom of the valley

Upon leaving Log Pod Mangrtom the plan was to drive through another beautiful valley and then over a scenic pass, finally up into the hills above Bovec where Dom Kavka was said to be.

We went to the valley pof the Soca River, famous for its unusual color, its clean taste, and its constantly cold temperature.

Mountain above the Soca.

Soca water

Slovenia's highest waterfall

Bojana on the bridge

Below the falls

Mountain viewed from town of Soca

Soca Valley house

Near the highest pass in Slovenia, highest place accessible by road

Vista from the top of the pass (similar shots follow)

Cars stopped at the top of the pass

Sign along the road

View from a place called Heaven, a few kilometers from Dom Kavka as we climbed the mountains again

We arrive at Dom Kavka

Here come the students...