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I rented a car and took a side trip to Montenegro, to see the beautiful Kotor Bay, the mountains, Lake Skadar, and on to Podgorica before returning to Dubrovnik. Once again, no pictures taken by me, but I found some that seem to have been taken from right where we were. By the way, thanks to the police in Podgorica who agreed to release the car I was driving when they had it up on a crane for parking in the wrong spot (along with 20 other cars).

| Montenegro borders Croatia on coast near Gruda, Bosnia th the northwest, Serbia to the northeast, and Albania to the southeast. It is officially a part of "Serbia and Montenegro" but is moving towards independence |

Map of Kotor Bay

| Aerial view | View of Kotor city |

Up into the mountains on scenic roads

Lake Skadar

Island in Lake Skadar, once a prison I am told

Into Podgorica