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Team Tab After Round 2

PositionNameTotal rankTotal speakerSpeaker R1Speaker R2Rank R1Rank R2
1Technology Jamaica632416116333
2Morehouse WM632216216033
3Morehouse OB531415915532
4Vermont SS531215715532
5Rochester WT531115615523
6Vermont BD530715115623
7Willamette MS431015715331
8Vermont OS430515315222
9Clemson RV430415315122
10Clemson CF430014715313
11Willamette BE429915014931
12Cal Poly SLO429714215513
13Louisiana Tech HS330215015212
14Clemson KS330114915212
15Rollins FK329715014730
16Willamette CM329714914821
17Andres Bello DV329514914630
18Rollins JV329314514821
19Rollins GN329014214803
20Cape Cod B328813615203
21Louisiana Tech SB230315414911
22Morehouse MB229715214511
23Clemson SZ229514415102
24Louisiana Tech HV229415014420
25Univ of Miami A229314714602
26Univ of Miami B229214814420
27Rochester ZM129515014501
28Rochester LS129114414710
29Clemson DW128614214410
30Miami C127813614201
31Miami Dade LD028314214100
32Cape Cod A027613614000
33Florida International WC000000
33Miami Dade RG000000