Motion: THBT the next Papal conclave should choose to exclude cardinals implicated in child abuse scandals.

VenueOpening Gov.Opening Opp.Closing Gov.Closing Opp.ChairPanel
Webster 114Hawaii Manoa HRStanford KGLoyola Marymount MKVermont ABJohn PatrickLucille Takeda
Debbie Halbert
Webster 113Loyola Marymount OPHawaii Manoa DHLa Verne RLLa Verne NHAlfred SniderTom Dowd
Josh Martin
Webster 103Hawaii Manoa CDWillamette MSWillamette WNLa Verne AKJames KilcupGracie Lee
Doug Raphael
Webster 102Hawaii Pacific KSStanford CSLa Verne ASStanford TMDaniel HugoRob Bollar
Webster 115Hawaii Pacific JPHawaii Pacific MLHawaii Pacific/Hawaii LDHawaii Manoa BDRob RuizMegan Manion