Motion: THW force companies in the tourism industry to operate in regions with extreme wealth gaps to pay an annual portion of their profit to indigenous populations.

VenueOpening Gov.Opening Opp.Closing Gov.Closing Opp.ChairPanel
D105La Verne RLLoyola Marymount MKLoyola Marymount OPStanford KGRob BollarMegan Manion
D103Vermont ABHawaii Pacific KSWillamette MSHawaii Manoa HRJohn PatrickRob Ruiz
Will Reilley
D101Hawaii Pacific/Hawaii LDLa Verne AKStanford CSHawaii Manoa DHJames KilcupLucille Takeda
D104La Verne NHStanford TMHawaii Pacific MLHawaii Pacific JPDaniel HugoDebbie Halbert
D102La Verne ASHawaii Manoa BDHawaii Manoa CDWillamette WNJosh MartinDoug Raphael