Lawrence Debate Union Through the Years

More recent photos of 2006-2007 and 2007-2008

Three strange faces from the 1980's

CEDA Nationals 1994

Three Coaches: Alfred Snider, Steve Woods, Jeff Nichelson

Cleopatra Jones and Hakim Fajardo

A Florida Hotel Room, mid-1980's

Jethro Hayman & Annalei McGreevy
Third Place, Nationals, 1996

LDU Halloween, 1997
Sarah Snider, Carla Mirabelli, Rae Lynn Schwartz
Greta Lockwood (front)

CEDA Nationals, 1997

LDU Squad Photo, 1984

LDU Christmas, 1983

Scott Lozen & Kevin Guilfoy

Coaching Meeting, Jabuka, 1997

Josue Hernandez and Gordie Miller

Justin Parmett & Raelynn Schwartz prep for a round

Preparation at Pierre's house in Missouri

Sarah Snider & Helen Morgan prepare for a round

Alfred Snider, Giacomo Landi, Lisa Heller, Matt Byrne, Jerome Spencer at South Carolina tournament

CEDA Nationals 2001

Women of the LDU 2000

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| Public Debate, 1999 | West Point Tournament Group, 1999 |

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