The LDU's Weekly Television Show

Scenes from the Chanel 15 Studio of Adelphia Cablevision

Thanks to Karen McGregor, our Director


Snapshots from Show #180, panel of coaches discuss the Fall, 1998 debate semester.

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4 Vermont Coaches ---------- Alfred C. "Tuna" Snider

Jackie Massey ------------- Terry McKnight ------------- Gordie Miller

FLASHPOINT is a weekly public access cable television show produced by the LDU. It now has well over 180 30 minute episodes.

The show features LDU staff, students, and alumni discussing current issues, political, economical, moral, and social. The show attempts to show that intelligent, well informed discussion on an issue can take place without the presence of"experts."

FLASHPOINT is usually taped on Sunday afternoon and rides to the studio are available. Feel free to come and watch, or run a camera, or join right in and THINK FOR YOURSELF (our motto).

FLASHPOINT is currently being aired by 3 cable systems in Vermont. In Burlington it can be seen on Channel 15 at 12:30 PM Wed., 10:30 PM Thur., and 1:00 PM Sat.